How to know that the land is ready for a new build Auckland

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The population in New Zealand is increasing day by day. According to the statistics, the population increased from 100K in the year to 2020 to over 5 million, the first time ever in history. Well, looking at the figures, you can deliberately tell that such growth in population means added pressure on a number of fronts including the housing sector of the country. So, the biggest question that may arise is whether it is cheaper to buy or new build Auckland in 2021?

The simplest answer that anyone could get is – prices keep on rising. It is no surprise that in both cases, the prices tend to rise. Comparing the two options, you can choose which one suits your needs and the financial strength the best. However, you might be totally surprised to learn that with Stonewood Homes, the best builders East Auckland, we think that it’s cheaper to build a new home than to buy.

Why so? Well, for one very important reason that you get a land that is build-ready. A land that is ready for construction saves a lot of time and money. When it comes to building, most of the hassles and issues are often caused by what’s under the ground. A number of problems may include:

  • Wrong placement of pipes
  • Unstable grounds
  • Deceptively steep slopes
  • Other unique constraints

Presence of such issues on your land means tweaking its design and build techniques to make it suitable for your new home construction. The entire process is daunting as it also includes seeking additional approvals and permits from expert support.

Things to consider before buying a land 

Prior to purchasing a land, there are some factors that you need to consider, such as:


This is an absolute most important factor to consider when you’re willing to buy land for new build Auckland. See that the land is under the municipality and a fit for the overall community. Depending on your need, figure out the land’s suitability by measuring its proximity to amenities like highways, schools, parks, public transit and so on.

The setbacks 

You all need to take account of any kind of property setbacks far before purchasing the land. See if the lot size can accommodate your house or not. Well, checking and correcting the setback play a critical role.

The zoning requirements 

Under the Jurisdiction, the land can be zoned either for residential or commercial use, or maybe both. So, before purchasing it, determine what kind of construction you’re allowed to have, that is residential or commercial structure. Plus, you also need to discover if the land area is zoned for additional structures like detached garages, sheds, etc. Further, there are other restrictions regarding the minimum home size built-up too. All in all, take care of every little detail.

Natural Hazards Protection 

Depending on the location your land is, it may so happen that the area isn’t vulnerable to specific natural hazards. Some of the lands are at risk of fire and there can be a few other risks and susceptibility. Take a closer note of the home’s foundation, and any landscaping too.

Consider different kinds of easements

If you’re unaware of what easement is, well, it is when another person or entity gets the legal right to use another person’s property regardless of the matter who owns it. This usability is, however, allowed only if you’re using it for a specific purpose.

Sources of utility 

Once you build your new home, how will it be powered? Where will the water be sourced from? Thus, the other important part is acknowledging how you will access water, electricity, phone or cable, and gas. This is critically important for those wanting to live in remote locations.

New Build Auckland

There’s no better company that can offer you the best land and home packages in Auckland than Stonewood Homes. We are builders east Auckland. All our offerings are flexible and made to make your journey into your new home a lot easier.

Are you interested in building a new home in Auckland? Stonewood Homes is here to help you – give us a call today.

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