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You’ve been golfing for a while now, and the course is basically your second home. And while you’ve refined your mid-range game, it still feels like your irons are missing something. Well, it might be time to make the switch from game-improvement irons to players irons.

Players golf irons can provide you with maximum control and the best feel in the game. It might be time for you to upgrade your irons if any of these four signs sound familiar.

Your Handicap Is Getting Lower and Lower

Your handicap is one of the biggest indicators that it’s time to make the jump from game-improvement to players irons.

The lower your handicap, the more experience you have and the better you’ll be able to control players irons. While your scores are still in the 80s, 90s, and 100s, you’ll want to use the most forgiving irons you can to cut down on mishits and improve your score.

But, once you reach the 70s and 60s, and especially if you start to plateau around those scores, it’s time to consider switching to clubs that give you more control and match well with your high-speed swings.

You’re Ready for More Control of Your Shot

While game-improvement irons are great for keeping your shot on track and giving you extra forgiveness on less-than-accurate shots, the narrow soles and thin toplines of players irons give you more control.

You may notice your current irons seem to hit the same shot every time, no matter how you adjust. While this is a great feature for golf newcomers, you want a little more control and versatility. Players irons provide just that. Whether it’s a high fade to get the ball to stop on the green or a low draw, players irons give you ultimate control.

You Can Visualize Every Shot You Want to Make

Another sign that you’re ready for players irons isn’t found in your swing—it’s found in your head.

As you gain more experience, you start to look at the game differently. Instead of focusing on moving your shoulders, placing the ball in the middle of the clubhead, and keeping your knees bent, you’re thinking of how much spin you’ll put on the ball, how far you’ll fade it, and picturing where it’ll land.

This change happens gradually, but once you start visualizing every shot and your swing mechanics become muscle memory, you know it’s time to consider players irons. High-quality players irons with a compact, single-piece head and precise milling help you turn these plans into reality.

A Custom Golf Fitting Points Towards Upgrading

Ultimately, the best way to determine if players irons will help improve your game is by scheduling a fitting with an expert.

When you work with a fitter, they can use a state-of-the-art simulator to track your shots and analyze data points to find the best clubs for you. As you work together, you can determine if you’re ready for the added control of players irons. Or you can even build a blended set. However you plan on incorporating players irons into your game, custom fit clubs can help you do it right.

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