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How to Launch a Text Message Marketing Company 

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The future of advertising is Business Text Messaging Missouri 

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As of 2010, CTIA-The Wireless Association estimates that 187.7 billion text messages were delivered per month. Marketing to consumers who have opted-in to learn more about a given topic or product, whether you name it text messaging or short message service (SMS), is the next wave in advertising.  

Starting your own text message marketing company is a low-cost option to get started with this type of marketing.  

According to a 2008 research by the Mobile Marketing Association, the number of Americans who have received a text message advertisement increased by 27% in just eight months. 

Learn the ins and outs of SMS messaging.  

Understand how texts are sent, the best strategies to legally obtain subscribers, and how to avoid sending texting's version of email spam. Learn about SMS with online lessons at sites like Developer's Home and Fun SMS  

Learn how to make SMS advertisements. SMS is a text-only communication method. You have no control over things like text size or color. On different cell phones, the message will appear differently.  

Because an SMS message is only 160 characters long, the wording of an advertisement must be concise and to the point. 

Create a website where customers may sign up to receive text messages from your business.  

Encourage individuals to join up by providing a free tip or piece of information, and then attaching the ad to the tip.  

Select a few categories to focus on for targeted advertising.  

You might, for example, create an opt-in list for music fans, another for health-related themes, and a third for movie aficionados. 

Choose from a variety of text messaging vendors to send your messages.  

Compare the number of messages that can be delivered at once, whether the vendor offers an opt-in option that can save you time, and how much the service costs.  

Look for features like text scheduling that may be sent at a later time, as well as a mechanism for users to opt-out of the service. 


Spread the word about your new company.  

Use a tool like Microsoft Publisher to make a brochure, or hire a local desktop publisher to do it for you.  

Statistics on text marketing should be included in the brochure, as well as information about your company's services and how to contact you for further information.  

Distribute the pamphlets to local businesses that might be interested in using SMS marketing.  

Mention how delivering coupons to local customers might help you make more money. 



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