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Java the most commonly used programming language in the world.??

Yes, it is, in this blog, you will get to know why most of the students select java programming language to make their career as a java programmer instead of any other language, why java programmers earn better salary packages. Some important jva applications, and a few steps that Python Homework help will help you know how to learn programming in java for beginners. let's start with an introduction to the Java programming language.

Introduction to java

Java is a high-level programming language developed by sun-microsystem in 1995. It is fast, simple, clean, secure, and reliable because the syntax of java is easy to understand and due to these features java programming language is preferred by most of the organization to develop various applications for systems, games, cell phones, data centers, etc. If you want to be a programmer or developer or to create various applications then java is the best programming language to work with because it is the most popular and widely used language.

There are two parts of the java programming language 

  1. Core java: Core java is a part of the java programming language used to create or develop general purpose applications or to develop mobile applications and any other online applications. You can only move to the advanced part after completing the core part. 

  1.  Advanced java: This is everything that goes beyond the core java. it is advanced technology or an advanced version of Java language, it covers the standard concepts such as database connectivity, servlets, web services, etc. it is used to deal with web-based applications 

Reasons to learn java

  1. Java is easy to learn: Java is easy to understand in a short period because the syntax of Java is similar to English or a relatively high-level language that can be easily understandable by the user. Java is beginner-friendly.

  1. Java is free of cost: If you start learning java you no need to pay because it's available free of cost on the internet but for commercial purposes, you need to pay some amount of rupees. And make you comfortable working with java.

  1. Java popularity and high salary package: Java is a very popular language around the world, because of the high demand for Java programming language developers can earn high salary packages and can fulfill all your dreams of being a programmer.

  1. Java is Platform independent: Java is platform-independent as the source code is converted by the compiler into machine code which can be executed on any other platform by using java virtual machine(JVM).  

  1. Because of its versatility: The language is very versatile as it is used for programming language on the web, desktop, mobile, etc, also java has many features such as platform independent-characteristics, dynamic coding, multiple security features which makes it quite versatile.  

Some important java applications 

  1. Scientific computing applications: Java is the default choice to develop scientific applications. The main reason is java is more secure, maintainable, portable, and comes with better high-level concurrency tools than any other language. Example MATLAB is the most scientific application of java.

  1. Java is used for developing android based applications:- Java is used to develop various android application games.

  1. Used to create web applications: E-commerce and other web applications are also based on java. Many healthcare, insurance, education departments have their web application built in java. 

  1. Cloud-based applications: Various cloud-based applications are also developed using java language, for example, art application, business aplication, data storage, and backup applications 

  1. Trading applications: The trading application which is a great part of the financial sector also application developed using the Java programming language.

  1. Software tools:  Many software and development tools codes are written in java, for example, ECLIPSE, NetBeans IDE.

  1. Embedded devices: Originally java is designed for embedded devices, to make them work properly.

  1. Java desktop GUI applications: Java enables graphical user interface through resources abstract window toolkit(AWT), JavaFX, Swing.

  1. Java web server and application server: Java ecosystem gives rise to numerous java web and application servers, web pages server is home to servlets like apache Tomcat, project jigsaw, etc.

  1. Java gaming applications: Java has the support of open-source the most powerful 3d engine that has unparalleled capability when it comes to the design of 3d games ( jMonkeyEngine). 

  How to learn java programming for beginners


  1. First, you should start with the basics.

As we know to learn something we should go through the basic details especially if you are a beginner. Because if you want to learn core or advanced java the basics should be on your tips and this is the best way to start learning anything. Be relaxed and try to understand all the concepts of the java languages slowly you will get familiar with java and start getting used to it also and try to make your notes as well because It will help you throughout the java course.

  1. Patience is very necessary. 

The volume, of course, is lengthy so don't get frustrated once you start with the basics it will take some time but you will get to know each and everything so be patient, don't rush or get frustrated practice as much as you can you will get used to it. And start enjoying the programming field. Coding is fun when your basics are as clear as crystal. 

  1. Read about java programming language regularly. 

To build interest in something you must be close to it, so try to read at least one or two articles daily to make yourself comfortable with java and it will help you a lot because you will start getting familiar with it and it will make you easy to understand. You must read books on java or various articles or blogs. 

  1. Practice Java programming.

Once you go through the basic details of java you should start practicing the coding, because It will help you to understand the basic syntax of java and You can only brush your skills and talent when to start implementing the things in your life. Start practicing the code, implement it, and run it, try to find out the error with your own if any occurs, just like a task. 


I hope you read all the points mentioned above and keep them in mind when you start the course on the java programming language. Best of luck.


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