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How to Level Up Your Warzone Playing Skills?

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Despite the millions of players who enjoy playing the new beloved game, some games are more complex than others. It might be because their bosses get more brutal, and they need to rely on more tactics to succeed. Or it could simply be because they have many enemies swarming them at once, making it hard for even the most seasoned player to beat them all.

But sometimes, it might get frustrating when you can't beat specific teams or even get close to beating some bosses because they are just too good at it. So, it would be great to consider the tracker, which will help you learn more about Warzone and help you grab better gameplay experiences. So, here are some pointers that might help you make your gameplay better in the warzones.

1. Boss Level Up

Remember that each boss level up their skills as you progress. For instance, the bosses of level 16 will have two buffs on them when you enter the room. These two buffs occur for a long time and can be used by other players to get the upper hand on the boss. Since bosses are mighty with big health pools and good skills, it's essential to know what each buff does to protect your team from it.

2. Pick Compatible Teammates

Building a good team is one of the most important things to do. You want to pick players who will complement each other's skills. For example, you don't want a tank when you already have someone else taking up that role. On the other hand, you don't want too many damage dealers because it will reduce your chances of having someone who can take on a healing role.

3. Don't Run into The Boss.

It may not be the best tip, but if you don't want to get killed in the first couple of seconds, the best thing to do is run and hide behind your teammates' shields. However, don't take too much risk, which puts you at more risk of dying even quicker.

4. Use Health Potion

It is another good tip because some bosses can heal themselves through magic or skills. The primary strategy of preventing them from healing is not to let them get too many hits on you. Instead, take potions on yourself and your teammates.

5. Join Guilds

If you want more help, try joining a guild for some extra players working together. A good guild will have high-level bosses, so it's important to know what the tanking, healing, and damage dealers do when you need to play the game.

You may not be able to beat all of the bosses no matter how hard you try until you consider the tracker, so be focused on it, but don't give up. Practice makes perfect, and you might find yourself unstoppable if you get good enough.


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