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How we are going to tell you how to lose weight fast , effective and healthy to avoid the dreaded rebound effect. It is not about getting on a strict diet but we will only have to make some changes in eating habits that will help us make our diet healthier and lower in fat. In this article you will discover how to lose 3 kilos in such a simple way that you will hardly notice.

Steps to follow:

Let's start with the basics: in order to lose 3 kilos the first thing is to reorganize your eating habits. You have to make 5 meals a day spread over: Breakfast Midmorning Food Snack Dinner. This distribution of food is essential to reduce hunger between meals , avoid snacking and also to activate our metabolism causing it to be burning fat frequently throughout the day. Of course, as the day goes by, the amounts of food and the type of food change: think that our body is like a machine and does not need the same “fuel” to move forward first thing in the morning when it has all day to ahead than at night when you just have to rest. It is recommended that the first meals of the day are abundant and with the presence of carbohydrates and, as of the afternoon, food is less fatty and dinner is light so that no fat is stored. In UnComo we tell you how to make light dinners .  Fat Flusher Diet

  • The pecking is what gets us more fat. It is one of the most difficult habits to get rid of because it is not usually eaten because of hunger , but is usually done out of habit or anxiety. Therefore, in order to avoid snacking, it is best to plan the 5 meals that we have previously mentioned, in this way, you will reduce the feeling of hunger.
  • Another way to avoid it is to always carry healthy snacks , in this way you will not be tempted to eat that chocolate or that bag of chips. The most recommended is a piece of fruit or a skimmed yogurt that will satisfy you and reduce your cravings for food; You can also take 0% cheeses that do not fatten and usually fill the belly
  • The way in which food is cooked is also essential to help you lose 3 kilos or whatever you want. The trick is to cook without oil or with very little, therefore nothing fried or battered, and bet on healthier and tastier recipes . In order to maintain this custom in the kitchen, we advise you to look for light recipes and sign up for the ones that you like the most, this way you will not get bored of typical dishes such as grilled breast and you will taste delicious flavors that have little calories.
  • Cut down on sugary drinks and alcohol . The calories that are taken through the drink are the most absurd because they are products that do not provide any nutrients and, nevertheless, many sugars and calories. Bottled juices, soft drinks or alcohol are drinks that are best avoided if you want to lose weight, so if you are used to them you can choose to drink sparkling water or flavored water that will give you a similar sensation but without any kind of calories.
  • Drink plenty of water throughout the day. In fact, it is even advised to drink around 2 liters of water daily to help detoxify the body , eliminate retained fluids and have a healthier body. So, join the water and drink even when you are not thirsty; A trick to achieve this: always have a bottle of water by your side (during work, at home watching TV, while you cook …) you will see how, without realizing it, you increase your water consumption.

Eat complex carbohydrates but in a limited way. There are many myths about the consumption of carbohydrates in diets and it is that this type of food produces sugars that, if not burned quickly, become saturated fats. But that does not mean that you have to banish them from your diet, no, you simply have to take into account some considerations regarding them to take full advantage of their benefits and reduce their calories.

  • Practice sports regularly. You do not need to be in the gym every day but if you want to lose 3 kilos fast it is important that you complement these dietary changes with physical exercise, this way the results will be seen faster . Go running, sign up for dance classes or go for a bike ride; Be that as it may, the trick is that you have to lead an active life in order to burn calories and ensure that food does not end up accumulating in your body.
  • Next, we give you an example of a menu that will help you lose weight quickly . However, as we have mentioned, the most recommended is that you accompany this new way of eating with regular exercise so that the results are more visible and lasting.



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