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How to maintain Metal Wall Arts?

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Metal wall art is the latest trend in home décor. wall hanging quotes has very conveniently replaced the traditional wall art paintings and ordinary hangings. Metal sculptures and hangings appear to be elegant and stylish. It unquestionably elevates the overall look of the space.We adore how to take care of our art decors, our surroundings, whether it’s rain chains, garden wind spinners, or wind chimes. However, how can you safeguard outdoor things from harm caused by the elements? Let Me Décor is here to assist you in learning how to protect and increase the life span of your Metal décor pieces. Following are the primary steps to keep in mind to protect your metal wall arts and decors:

Quick Facts to prevent metal from rusting (oxidizing)

  • Even if your metal decor piece is brand new, clean it using a cloth. It’s always also a good idea to give your garden art a quick cleaning with mineral spirits.
  • You can use a drop cloth to protect your work surface and lay the object flat.
  • Allow the exposed area to dry after applying one thin coat of polyurethane.
  • Apply a light coat of polyurethane on the opposing side of the object.
  • If you want to be extra safe, repeat the method a second time.
  • Display your metal decor once all sides have been appropriately protected.

Indoor or Outdoor Installation

It’s essential to decide whether your metal masterpiece should be kept indoors or outdoors; in both cases, the care should be taken separately and with care.

All Metal Wall Decor comes with a disclaimer related to the usage of the product weather and how to place it.


Metal Wall Arts can be simply cleaned with the help of a dry clean cotton cloth, dust all exposed metal and acrylic surfaces regularly. If you make a mistake and leave a mark on the artwork, clean it immediately with a moist cotton cloth and a small amount of hand soap, gently rubbing circles over the damaged area, then dry it with a dry cotton cloth.


If you clean any area of your artwork with alcohol-based products, bleaches, or abrasive detergents, the grind patterns or colour of your metal decor may be affected.


Exactly like our sculptures, paintings, and other forms of fine art, metal wall arts and decor should be handled with care so that no finished surfaces come into direct touch with hands or fingers during installation or cleanup. Acids and other corrosives found in fingerprints, food, and other related stains can corrode metal, acrylics.


Home Remedies for Clean Metal Planter online

  1. White Vinegar is an essential part of the kitchen and an excellent cleansing agent. Simply soak the metal in white Vinegar for a few hours, then rub the rusty paste off using a soft cloth. If the decor is large in size, pour it over, let it sit, and then rub and wash it off.
  2. Applying a mixture of baking soda and water on rust areas and discolouration definitely works! Allow it to sit for half an hour (or longer if desired), then wipe it away with a damp cloth.

It’s not just for tequila that salt and lime are used! Apply a layer of salt over the rusty metal, then squeeze the lime juice over it and let it sit for a few hours. Hold on to the lime peel and rub the salt or lime solution off with it as a soft but durable scrubber, then wipe away any remains with a wet cloth.

Note: Never use metal or steel brushes to rub metal decor, and these can leave marks and scratches.


Now it’s time to clean up your metal wall decor and make it shiny.


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