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If the leaves turn yellow, they need to be trimmed in time to make the shape of Guanyinzhu more beautiful. When maintaining Guanyinzhu indoors, it is also necessary to open the indoor windows every morning and evening to exchange air and ensure the circulation of air. Western azalea has a certain ability of air purification and dust retention, and can remove formaldehyde and ammonia from the air. It is suitable for offices with many people and large dust, as well as homes with new decorations or new furniture.

Brown bamboo is also a good plant for purifying the air. It can purify the harmful toxins in the air. It likes to grow in a cool place and doesn't like an environment with abundant sunshine. We should put it indoors. It can help us sleep. Moreover, Cymbidium also has a certain effect on radiation protection. There are mini Cymbidium plants on the market. Buying a pot next to the computer desk can help absorb some radiation.

When the ambient temperature is higher than 30 ℃, it needs to be transferred to a ventilated and cool environment for curing to avoid withering and yellowing of branches and leaves(1 gallon plastic pots). Moreover, its plants are relatively small, and the price is not very high. In summer, many families will put two pots to repel mosquitoes. It prefers to grow in a light environment, so it can be placed on the windowsill. When breeding, watering should be appropriate.

Phyllostachys pubescens also has the ability to purify the air, especially its strong adsorption effect on formaldehyde. It can also absorb carbon dioxide and release oxygen at night, which is very good for improving the air. In addition, the leaves of Phyllostachys pubescens are large, the transpiration effect is also very good, and it can also improve the air humidity. Brown bamboo is particularly easy to maintain. It should be cultivated in an environment where the light is not too strong. It should know the humidity it adapts to, and at the same time, it should be watered.

White palm is a very beautiful and elegant plant. It also absorbs formaldehyde very well. Even some dust and tiny particles in the air can be adsorbed. Pocket coconut can also play a role in purifying the air, and the effect of formaldehyde removal is also very good. Hupilan can also be placed in the bathroom. The bathroom is humid. Putting a pot of hupilan inside can not only absorb moisture, but also sterilize.

Therefore, during daily maintenance, water should be poured every other week, and water should be sprayed around the leaves regularly to keep them moist, so that the leaves are in a green growth state. Red leaf plantain is placed in a sunny place. Therefore, it should be placed in a sunny place indoors, such as a balcony or windowsill. It can also be placed in a sunny place in the living room, but not in the bedroom. It is also suitable for potted planting.

Red leaf plantain can purify the air. Red leaf plantain not only has high ornamental value, but also can purify the air. It can absorb some harmful gases in the air, increase the oxygen content in the air, and make the environment healthier. Therefore, it is perfect to raise a pot of red leaf plantain at home(5 gallon plastic pots). Drying mint leaves can also be used to make tea, which is suitable for people with poor intestines and stomach. Its fragrance can repel mosquitoes and purify the air.

It is very convenient to maintain Chlorophytum at home, which can be potted or hydroponically cultivated. Peppermint can drive mosquitoes. Peppermint belongs to Labiatae plants. Some people don't know whether peppermint can drive mosquitoes. Peppermint contains peppermint oil, peppermint copper and other substances, which can drive mosquitoes away in a small range. In summer, peppermint can be placed beside the bed for breeding, which can prevent mosquitoes from disturbing. Lavender lavender is a small blue purple flower.

Lavender itself has the effect of killing insects. People usually carry Lavender sachets with them or sew them in pillows, and some put them in their bedrooms to repel mosquitoes. Its branches, leaves and flowers can emit a sensitive smell of mosquitoes and flies, which has a strong effect of expelling mosquitoes and flies. This smell does no harm to human body. Qilixiang belongs to shrubs, and its flowers are mainly white.

It likes drying and usually blooms in June. It is not only effective in expelling mosquitoes and flies, but also has beautiful colors, including yellow, red, white and so on. The flowers often turn yellow or pink at the beginning, then gradually turn orange or orange red, and finally turn red. Therefore, it is also called “repelling mosquitoes and seven changes of flowers”. Wormwood is a perennial herb with a strong aroma. The moxa stick made with it can also be used for moxibustion.

Moreover, the flowers smell pleasant, which can purify the air indoors. Ivy is a kind of green plant that can purify the air better, and it will climb very high. If we just finished the decoration, we can use it to purify formaldehyde. If the family has allergic symptoms or asthma, buy it and put it on the windowsill, which has a good effect on the improvement of the disease(15 gallon plastic pots). It can also be hung up for breeding.

In fact, you can see from the name of heart leaf vine that the leaves of heart leaf vine are like love, and the appearance is very regular, which is also relatively good-looking, so they are loved by the majority of fans. At the same time, if you observe the whole, you will find that the leaves of heart leaf vine are the same size from bottom to top, and there will be no change. Because the plant is shade resistant, it is very suitable for decoration, beautification and greening in family rooms.

It can be placed in a bright room for a long time, and placed in a dark room for 4-6 weeks, which has no great impact on its growth. Therefore, it can be placed in a dark room for a long time, and it can also grow well. Although some of the leaves of this plant are heart-shaped, they are not very regular. They are generally elongated. If the two plants are put together, it is easy to see.

Catharanthus roseus is an Apocynaceae plant. Even with the help of sunlight, it will not remove toxic gases, but it can emit a lot of oxygen. In fact, the juice of Catharanthus roseus is poisonous. You must be careful when placing it indoors for maintenance. As long as you don't touch or eat its plants by mistake, it won't have any impact on your health, and it can also make its interior full of vitality and create a good living environment for people.

Pewter ash with golden leaves is a variety of pewter, which is a landscaping tree. It has golden leaves in three seasons and has a beautiful tree shape(1.5 gallon plastic pots). It is a deciduous tree with golden leaves in three seasons, 10-15 meters high, and yellowish brown bark; Branchlets smooth and glabrous; Leaflets 5-9, ovate elliptic, tip acuminate, base narrow, asymmetric, margin toothed and wavy teeth, surface glabrous; Calyx campanulate, apetalous; The flowering period is from March to May. It relies on its fragrance to repel mosquitoes.

This is an aromatic Geranium plant. It is drought resistant and can survive for 10 to 15 years if properly maintained. It has high ornamental value. Mosquito purifying vanilla emits a fresh and elegant lemon fragrance, which has a good mosquito repellent effect indoors, but has no toxic and side effects on human body. The higher the temperature, the more fragrance it emits, and the better the mosquito repellent effect. To avoid mosquito bites, only reduce the smell of the body.

For example, more than 10 years ago, there was an abnormal shortage of hawthorn products in the market. A large number of hawthorn products were developed in northern provinces and cities, and the breeding projects of high-quality mountain plant varieties with large fruits were launched one after another, resulting in a situation that a large number of trees were cut down later, and the breeding task was aborted halfway. As the breeding process usually takes at least seven to eight years or even more, special market prediction and demonstration must be carried out. We should anticipate the market demand for varieties in 20 years.

Another example is that Japanese farmer breeder Maeda saw that cotton aphids did great harm to apple production and formulated the goal of breeding resistant to cotton aphids. When he achieved this goal and cultivated varieties such as Bajia and iwaki, the harm of cotton aphids has been basically solved due to the introduction of cotton aphid resistant parasitic wasps, and these cotton aphid resistant varieties are difficult to be popularized in production due to their lack of competitiveness in fruit quality. Therefore, the main characters of the existing varieties need to be improved.

The main reason lies in the lack of comprehensive and scientific predictive analysis of the market, especially the potential demand, which should be taken as a warning. Subjective conditions are mainly the conditions possessed by breeding units or breeders themselves(7 gallon plastic pots). The germplasm resources that breeders have or can use are the important basis for formulating breeding goals. In fact, it is almost empty talk to formulate disease resistance or cold resistance breeding without available ideal disease resistance or cold resistance resources.

For some kinds of striving to enter the international market, we must also study the demand characteristics and prospects of the international market. It should be noted that the actual demand and potential demand are sometimes not completely consistent. Similarly, if there is no available dwarf source, the breeding goal of breeding dwarf varieties cannot be achieved despite the need of production. In the history of breeding, many innovative breeding goals were formulated due to the discovery of excellent germplasm resources.

Breeders must have more resource reserves and sources in terms of breeding objectives. Laboratory equipment, including advanced testing means, breeding land, greenhouse and other facilities, as well as a considerable amount of reliable funding sources, are the basis for formulating practical and reliable breeding goals. For example, Burbank (1921) got a kind of resource called Sans noyan plum tree with small sour fruit but no stone from France and began his breeding work of Seedless plum.

Breeding objectives should not only consider the significant advantages over the original similar varieties, but also consider the comparative advantages over domestic and foreign counterparts in the same crop breeding work. Direct insertion method: it is also called petiole insertion method. If the petiole is inserted into the sand and the blade stands on the sand surface, adventitious roots and buds will occur at the base of the petiole; The leaf cuttings of Paulownia grandiflora will produce small bulbs at the base of the petiole, and then produce roots and buds to form young plants.

In the simple comparison of the above three cases, the target benefit of high-quality breeding is higher than that of disease resistance breeding and high-yield breeding. The varieties bred according to certain breeding objectives must provide higher economic benefits for farmers or final users than the original varieties of the same kind(plastic plant pots wholesale suppliers). That is to say, breeding should set the goal of making itself in an advantageous competitive position as far as possible, rather than blindly pursuing the breeding competitive goal of competitive advantage that you do not have.

The actual situation is certainly more complicated. For example, high-quality varieties may decline in yield to some extent, or require more fertilizer and water in cultivation management, thus increasing production costs. It is also necessary to consider that farmers need more production input to purchase new varieties of seedlings than the original varieties. Results conguest, a seedless plum variety with large fruit and high quality, was bred. Scale insertion: using lily scales for supporting insertion is called scale insertion.

Competitive advantage under the socialist market economic system, the market provides a place for economic competition. Need and possibility breeders should have rich imagination and scientific foresight. Sometimes, the economic benefit also takes into account the economic input of the breeder for breeding a variety and the economic reward that may be obtained in some way according to a certain breeding goal. Seedling producers may get more economic benefits from breeding new varieties.

The rights and interests of breeders is a very complex issue, which involves mobilizing the enthusiasm of breeders and the sustainable development of the whole breeding work. It should be properly solved from the reform of the whole scientific research system. When formulating breeding objectives, the level of economic benefits should be taken as an important factor. According to n.w.simmonds (1979), economic standards are always included in the objectives and selection procedures of plant breeding, and clear standards are difficult to determine, but often useful.

According to the analysis of scientific laws, combining objective needs with the possibility of realizing such needs constitutes a realistic breeding goal(3 gallon plastic pots). Economic standards, even if they cannot be strictly expressed in monetary terms, must be acceptable to farmers and end users. Not only the fruits, vegetables and flowers as consumer goods are facing market competition, but also the varieties as means of production must also be selected by market competition.

Some varieties will inevitably be replaced by new varieties with good benefits due to their high production input, poor benefits, little profits and even losses. For example, when the price of the product is similar to that of the original variety, the output will increase by 25%. When the output is similar to that of the original variety, the price will increase by 60% compared with the original variety because of the good quality of the product or the early maturity; Due to the improvement of disease resistance, it can save 30% of the production cost of chemicals and labor for disease control.



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