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How to Make a Delicious Lincoln Woodfired Pizza

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A lismore woodfired pizza can be the perfect way to enjoy a meal with family or friends. It’s a simple but tasty dish that has endless flavours.

Earth Oven on Keen Street Lismore has a delicious selection of pizzas that have been cooked in their mighty wood fire oven. Each one is made with a unique local ingredient.


When making a lismore woodfired pizza, it’s important to use fresh dough that has been made from scratch. A good dough recipe will include the right ingredients, such as yeast, flour, and salt.

You can also find gluten-free dough for your pizza. Using this type of dough will make it easy for everyone to enjoy your pizza, and it won’t add any extra calories or carbs.

Getting the right pizza dough recipe is essential for cooking in a wood fired oven, because this kind of oven has higher temperatures than a regular oven. The higher temperatures mean that the crust needs to be a little wetter than it would be in a traditional oven.

A hydrated dough makes for a chewy handlebar of a pizza crust. This simple recipe uses water and yeast to hydrate the dough, which is then fermented for 72 hours in the fridge before being baked in a wood fire pizza oven.


Pizza sauces are a key part of the pizza experience. They provide the base for your toppings and add flavour to the pizza crust.

For a great pizza, you need to have the right ingredients and an oven that cooks the sauce properly. You want to avoid overloading your pizza with too much sauce, cheese and toppings.

Instead, try to keep the amount of sauce and toppings simple so that your dough rises during the cooking process and doesn’t get soggy. You can also use a bare swipe of sauce for a more rustic pizza.

For a quick and easy pizza sauce, just use canned San Marzano tomatoes. This is a great option because it is simple to make and will work in your wood-fired oven or grill. You can also improvise and add additional ingredients like garlic, basil and salt to give the sauce more flavor. This is a simple recipe that will keep in the fridge for up to 5 days.


There are many toppings available for pizza, and they range from the classic cheese to cured meats. Seafood is also a popular choice among pizza lovers.

Meats make up the largest portion of most pizza toppings. They can be cooked, cured, smoked, or salted before being added to the pizza.

Vegetables and fruits are also common pizza toppings. They add flavor and texture to a pizza without the need for cooking.

Mushrooms rank third on the list of most popular pizza toppings in the United States, and they complement both meat and veggie pies.

Onions are another surprising topping that ranks high on the list. They have a slightly nutty flavor that works well with both meat and vegetable pies.

A good quality wood fired oven is essential for making tasty pizza. If you can’t find one in your area, you can still make a delicious pizza at home using a BBQ or oven at a push.


Bread is a big part of the pizza experience, and there are lots of different styles to try out. One of the most popular is a baguette, which features a long length and crisp crust.

Another style is a rustic loaf, with a mixture of wholewheat and all-purpose flour. It has a great flavor and texture.

A simple recipe to prepare a day ahead, it is perfect for those who enjoy the rustic sourdough look but want something a bit quicker. It can be toasted and eaten straight away, or left to cool and stored for later use.

The charring and wood smoke from a wood fired oven can add a lot of flavour to many types of bread. This includes Indian naan, and Mediterranean pitta bread.



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