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How to Make Coasters With Cricut EasyPress 2: Easy Guide

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Arranging the dining area symmetrically is one of the most challenging parts of every house. As a homemaker, I always watch my kids to ensure that the table remains clean. I searched for how to make coasters with Cricut for a long time and finally found helpful content. Without a doubt, it took some time to find the right guide, but soon I found one. If you want to decorate your dining area with custom-made coasters, you have chosen the correct page.

You must know that creating this craft isn’t a piece of cake, so you must have a certain amount of supplies. They will make the project per your instructions during the process. Let’s not waste any more time and learn about the steps of making coasters with Cricut.

Step 1: Sign In to the Cricut App and Create a Design

First, you must download and install Cricut Design Space on your devices (PCs & smartphones). After getting the app, sign in or create your account by entering your Email ID & password inside the blank.

Next, open the app and tick the New Project option under the My Projects section at the top right of the page. Now, you will directly reach your canvas and hit the Projects tool given under the Menu section.

Then, type infusible ink coasters inside the Search section and choose your favorite design from the gallery. After that, a small window will appear with some details, and press the Make It option. A new web page will open with a mat screen along with DIY Cricut coasters. Now, tick the Mirror option and press the Continue option.

Step 2: Set the Material, Tools, and Mat

In the second step of how to make coasters with Cricut, connect your cut-die machine to your device. Afterward, set the material, load your tools in Clamps A & B, and load the cutting mat into your Cricut. Finally, click the Go button given on your machine.

Step 3: Set Up Your Material on the Cutting Mat

After finishing the steps mentioned earlier in making personalized Cricut coasters, unbox your Cricut LightGrip mat and material. Now, stick your material on your cutting mat with your hands or use a brayer or scraper tool. Return to the mat screen page and change the size when your material is set correctly on the area. Further, hit the Continue box and begin with the cutting process.

Step 4: Insert a Pen & Start Your Cricut Machine

After placing your compatible material on the cutting mat:

  1. Open both the Clamps and insert your pen & blade inside them.

  1. Click the C button flashing on your cut-die machine, and it will automatically draw and cut your design.
  2. When the process ends, slowly peel away your design from the LightGrip mat with your hands.

Step 5: Paste Your Design on the Coaster Blank

At this point in how to make coasters with Cricut, unbox your blank and clean both sides with an alcohol prep pad and lint removal cloth. After cleaning all of them, gently place the design on both sides. Now, cover your design with heat-resistant transfer tape.

Step 6: Start Your Cricut EasyPress 2 Machine

After covering the design with heat-resistant transfer tape:

  1. Open the Heat Guide and choose the Heat Press model.

  1. Following this, select the Heat-Transfer material and base material from the list and then press the Apply button.
  2. Lastly, scroll down the page and read all the instructions mentioned on it carefully.

In this step of how to make coasters with Cricut EasyPress 2, place your EasyPress 2 mat on a flat surface and keep your craft on it. Now, you need to cover the mat with white cardstock and coaster with butcher paper. At this point, set the temp & timing on your Cricut Heat Press and press the C button given on the press. After a few minutes, put the press back in its place and let the paper cool down for a little bit.

Step 7: Show Your DIY Coaster

Now, gently remove the butcher paper from your project, then Cricut EasyPress 2 mat. Afterward, peel away the heat-resistant tape from the corner and pull the Cricut cardstock. You are all set to show your customized coasters made by you by using the compatible Cricut products. Moreover, you can also place them on your dining table while serving tea or coffee to your friends, family members, or neighbors.

Add a personal touch to your home decor by learning how to make coasters with Cricut by yourself. Moreover, you can use various blank shapes before making the final call to design this craft.

Frequently Asked Questions

Question: What Are Some Basic Things to Keep In Mind During the Heating Process?

Answer: Yes, there are some of the important things that you need to follow during the heating process:

  1. Preheat your Heat Press up to 400*F
  2. Wipe your coaster blank with a lint-free cloth.
  3. Adequately cover the mat with cardstock to protect the surface.
  4. Don’t touch your Heat Press with wet hands or instantly after the process.
  5. Don’t use steel, wool, colored cleansing agents, or scrubbing pads.

Question: Can I Start My Own Business by Selling Coasters?

Answer: If you are enthusiastic, you can start your own business by selling coasters. However, to succeed in the industry, you must learn everything from the basics until the end. You must also use the correct materials and focus on the target audiences.

Question: What Are the Different Types of Table Coaster Blanks?

Answer: There are several types of table coaster blanks that you can quickly get online or in nearby stores. The names of the blanks are:

  1. Wooden coaster blank
  2. Cork table coaster blank
  3. Ceramic table coaster blank
  4. Marble coaster blank
  5. Rounded wooden coaster blank
  6. Leather table coaster blank

Visit: cricut.com/setup


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