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How to make family time a fun experience?

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Solvang – May 2022 – Spending time together is vital for a family. Not only does it improve family bonds, but it is also fun for everyone. From watching movies together to playing board games or going out for dinner, the idea of spending quality time with the family may vary from one family to the next. However, the same activities can make things a little mundane. You can make your family time memorable by going to The Ultimate Escape Room for a family-friendly adventure in Solvang. With diverse themes to play, these games are fun and exciting.

Escape games are different from board games or going to drive-in movies. For a period of 60 minutes, you spend your time in a room locked with your family or friends, looking for hints and solving the clues to get out and win the game. Not only is this game enthralling for the children, but also sharpens their minds and skills.

Time management skills

You and your team are given an hour to find and solve the clues and puzzles. To successfully escape the room, you require proper planning as well as time management. Each second matters. Efficient time management can help you solve puzzles and complete your tasks quicker and more accurately than others.

Eyes off the screen

Escape rooms typically do not allow the players to carry phones or other smart gadgets. Teams have to spend one-hour finding and working on the clues to win the game. That means there is hardly any time to use your phone. Spending some time off the phone gives your eyes and mind rest. Escape games are great for taking a short break from technology. You can take your family to The Ultimate Escape Room for some tech-free family adventure games in Solvang!

Select an engaging activity

Escape games are all about teamwork, and that is something you generally don't get in board or card games. There is a lot of communication and involvement while playing escape room games as a team. Together, you look for a hint or solve puzzles, needing constant talking back and forth. Spending such time with your family members and sharing even the smallest victories can bring everyone closer.

Thrilling experience

Escape room games are no less than a thriller. There are a variety of themes to play, and each one has an interesting backstory. And unlike horror houses, there are no jump scares or anything that may cause you discomfort. An escape game room is a safe and family-friendly space.

Learning opportunities for your kids

Suggesting a learning game for the family night is more than enough to dampen your kids' mood as children usually associate it with boring games. Escape games are exciting and fun, as well as great for building learning skills. While looking for clues or solving the riddles, your children learn skills like teamwork, critical thinking, problem-solving, etc.

About: Are you looking for a family-friendly adventure in Solvang? The Ultimate Escape Rooms is a live-action adventure entertainment that you can play with friends and families. Race to solve clues and puzzles and escape before your time runs out! Each escape room has a different theme and contains artifacts and hints to help you figure out the puzzle and escape. For more information, call them at 805-315-0369 or write to annette@theultimateescaperooms.com.


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