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Sharing something you love with the people you care about is a natural impulse, and that certainly applies to golfers. Plus, if you can successfully convert a friend or family member to the many joys of golf, that means you have a new golf buddy. But like any sport or hobby, golf might seem a little overwhelming if not frustrating to first-timers. You want to ease them into it so they can build an appreciation for it as they develop their skills. Some easy opportunities to do so include a day at the driving range and making the most of funny golf outfits.

Start Them Out at the Driving Range

Introducing a first-timer to golf, at least to hitting a golf ball, at a driving range can be an effective preface to the game. A day at the range is laid-back, low-pressure, and can be accompanied by a cold beverage or two. It’s a low-key introduction to the fundamentals of driving and getting a feel for a driver without overwhelming them with the rules and etiquette of golf at the start.

Make the Most of Fun Golf Clothes

Really leaning into how much fun golf apparel can be is a great hook for a newbie. It’s also an ideal way to refute the myth that golf has to be stuffy, stodgy, or boring. Maybe find your would-be golf partner some high-performance funny golf pants and funny golf polos for their first day on the links. A bold, brash tartan print is an excellent choice for pants. If the thought of putting a ball into the hole from 3 yards out doesn’t get them going, wearing something cool and stylish certainly will.

Take Them Out in a Cart

Strolling through 9 or 18 holes is a beautiful way to spend a day. However, for the first-time golfer, you should definitely opt for a golf cart. For one, golf carts are fun and convenient. Golf carts are also a lot of fun to drive—an opportunity your first-timer should definitely be granted. The first game should be about focusing on the game, and the cart helps keep that focus by moving through the round more quickly.

Keep the First Day Casual

It’s important for long-time golfers to remember that golf is a game, and games should be fun. Help your first-timer with their grip and give them some basic direction but don’t overwhelm them with instructions for their grip, stance, swing, and so on. Be forgiving of strokes and be willing to give some mulligans to someone playing the first time ever. The goal the first time around is, again, to ensure that they have a good time. Finally, be sure to close out the day by introducing your first-timer and future golf fanatic to the simple joys of the 19th hole—first round is on you.

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