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How to make google love your website? This is an important question while creating a website for your business. Beyond the design and appearance, there are several tips to make Google love your website. The tips help your website to improve its Google Ranking. Google has different strategies for listing your website on SERP. Content, Google algorithms, backlink factors, metadata (Search Engine Optimization) are some of the important factors that Google considers in ranking your website. Good SEO tactics are required for increasing your website’s rank. If your website is well optimized with these factors Google will definitely start loving your website.

Update Website Frequently

Google never likes constant content on websites. Google likes fresh contents more. So make updates frequently on your website. Add blogs to your website, update the Content, change the designs or make any update that lends freshness to your website. And include more multimedia contents also for better ranking in Google.

Focus On Interactivity

Websites are meant for interacting with users. More users means a more attractive and powerful website. User interactivity is the main factor that attracts more users to your website. Websites should be well capable of communicating with users. It should be very responsive and fast. It will reduce bounce rate and users will spend more time with your website. Give options for users to interact with your website. You can add a comment section for your blogs with which users will get more chances to communicate with the website. Google will rank your website for more user interaction.

Follow Google Algorithm Rules

The search engines are all for serving the people. Giving the finest search results to the user is the ultimate task of a search engine. In Google, they will update their algorithms frequently for better SERP listing and user experience. The websites will be listed for the user search result on the basis of these algorithms. Google has already updated their algorithms several times. The major 7 algorithm updates in Google algorithms are Panda, Penguin, Hummingbird, Pigeon, Fred, RankBrain and BERT. Google’s SERP listing is based on these algorithms. So your website should be well optimised to follow all the algorithm rules. Google will give a penalty for certain websites for not following certain algorithm rules. If Google penalizes a website, it’s ranking and organic traffic will go down. So you should be careful about Google algorithm updates.

Backlink Factors

Backlinking is a very important factor in Google ranking. We can do both internal linking and external linking in your websites for increasing the ranking score. But while giving these links, make sure that you are giving links to newer and better resources only. Giving referral traffic through backlinking will help to increase the organic traffic. Remove all broken links from your website. It will reduce website scores. Check your website frequently for broken links and if any, remove them.

Be Original

No fake data – that’s the cardinal rule you must keep in mind while adding contents to your website. Change the old and irrelevant contents from your webpages – that will improve your content’s accuracy. Show Google that your content is fresh, relevant, grammatically correct and error free.


If you are confused whether Google considers metadata or not – well, Yes, it does. Optimize metadata of your web pages as Metadata is still a ranking factor for the web pages. If you have well optimized metadata it will definitely increase your website’s score. While optimizing, keep title and description of perfect length and ensure there is no duplication in data and matching keywords are present.

Google loves to see SSl certificates, sitemaps and robot text on your website. Have them ready at the time of hosting itself. Monitor your website regularly for maintaining all these factors.

Love your website and Google will start loving it too.


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