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Custom printed Magnetic Boxes are a great way to create a lasting memory for customers. They can be ordered in any size and custom printed with any logo or message. Magnetic Boxes have rope or ribbon handles for easy opening and closing. And they are incredibly durable. Here are some tips to make your next marketing campaign a hit. Read on to find out how you can make magnetic boxes work for you! Just follow these steps and you will have a custom box your customers will love.

Custom printed magnetic boxes

There are several benefits of custom magnetic boxes. Not only do they make for beautiful packaging for your products, but they can also be customized to fit your specific client needs. If your clients are industry-specific, they may request pull-out ribbons, mini-cushions, or other unique features. Self-adhesive bows are also popular right now. And they help customers easily open and close your boxes. That way, you can sell your products at a premium price.

Customized with rope or ribbon handles

You can choose to add rope or ribbon handles to your custom magnetic boxes to add extra comfort to your customers. These boxes can be used instead of customized subscriber boxes to simplify the packing process. These boxes also look professional. Customized rope or ribbon handles help your customers open and close the boxes easily. Customized magnetic boxes are a great way to create a professional brand image. For more information, contact us today.


Magnetic boxes are durable storage containers, making them the perfect choice for storing documents. They are made of paperboard or plastic lamination, and are designed for use on magnetic surfaces. They are stackable, so you can place several on top of each other. A 3/8-inch super-strong magnet is embedded on both sides of the Box, enabling it to attach to a steel surface when closed. Besides being durable, they also feature an insert to keep the contents separate. You can use these boxes for various purposes, from storing a single document to adding a whole new dimension to your packaging.


The space-efficiency of magnetic boxes is increased by adding a fifth layer of metal. This metal is called mu metal, and its five layers of 5 mm thickness reduce the Earth's magnetic field by 1500%. A magnetic box with five layers can contain as much as 5000 pounds of material. It can be used in space exploration, as it can provide extra stability for long-term missions. Its sensitivity to magnetism can be measured by measuring how much Xe is needed.

Easy to assemble

When you want to make your gift wrapping process easier, consider an easy to assemble magnetic box. This type of box is reusable and can be disassembled and reassembled several times. Unlike other types of gift boxes, magnetic boxes are designed to snap together and close securely. Additionally, they can be easily unassembled, making them ideal for storage. Buying one of these gift boxes is a smart decision.

Customized with transparent PVC window

The advantages of Custom boxes with transparent PVC window are obvious. These boxes provide an excellent display of the product inside without the need for opening them. A transparent PVC window will not only allow your customers to see what's inside, but it will also help you to preserve the integrity of your box packaging. You can choose the window shape and size according to your business needs. The transparent PVC window is a practical choice for packaging delicate products such as jewelry or electronic products.



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