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How to Make Music in the Android Application uFXloops

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In today’s world, producers use digital audio workstations to make music. As the world of Android apps is growing, developers have also launched Android apps to make music. One of the best music-making apps is uFXloops. This amazing Android application comes with all professional features and mixing tools that you can use to make electronic music. You can call it a mobile DAW. Using its features and creating beats and melody may seem difficult for you if you are unfamiliar with a digital audio workstation. It works quite similar to FL Studio and offers around three thousand loops, effects, and one-shot samples. Once you understand its interface properly, creating beats from scratch will be just like child’s play for you. Make music anywhere by using this great app. Let’s learn the steps to compose music from scratch.

Set the BPM Correctly

When one enters the app, one will see five orange columns. The most important column that a music composer needs is the first one. It lets you compose beats and melody. In order to create music, tap on the first orange column. Tap on the + icon to create a new project and then name it. Set the BPM according to the type of song you want to make. If you are creating music for a sad song, the recommended BPM is between 60-85. If you want to make music for a dance song, set the BPM between 108-135.

Create a Melody

In order to create a melody in UFXloops, one needs to open the piano roll editor and draw the notes. After you have drawn the notes in the piano roll editor, listen to the melody. If it doesn’t sound better, make some modifications to the notes. Draw until it sounds good! Creating a melody may take hours if you are just a beginner. Keep trying to understand the notes, as it will help you grasp a better understanding of piano notes. After creating the melody, now is the time to create a drum beat.

Create a Drum Beat

Best is an important part of the music. You can’t call a music complete until it has a drum beat. We will now let you know how to make a drum beat using one-shot samples in uFXloops. The most important part of a beat is a kick. The second important part is the snare. The third important part is a clap. You can make a drum beat even without using a clap, but you can’t make a drum beat without a kick and a snare. Understanding the type of beat, arrange the kick. After that, you need to arrange the snare. Listen to it to check how it sounds. If it doesn’t sound the way you want, place the kick and share by understanding the time. In order to learn about drum patterns, you can check online and learn how to create an amazing beat in a drum sequencer.

Add Bass

Your music won’t sound good unless it has bass. Many producers have earned accolades from their fans for making their bassy music. Adding bass to a song is quite simple. You can choose a sub kick and layer it with the first kick of your drum beat. Adjust the intensity of the sub kick properly as a bassy sub kick can affect the quality of your drum beat. If you are experienced in using a piano roll editor, you can create catchy bass lines using E-Bass. E-Bass is a soft bass that is generally used in pop songs. You can download E-Bass in the “Instruments” category of uFXloops.

Use Sound Effects in Music

Whether you want rain sounds, applause, glass crack, and any other sound effects, you will find almost all effects in the sounds library of uFXloops. You can download royalty-free sounds and use them in your music. A number of risers, drum breaks, uplifters, and several other sounds are available on this app. Use the one you find good for your music.

Record Music and Export the File

Once you have arranged melody and beat, tap on the slot to play melody and beat. If you tap on the slot for the melody, uFXloops will play the melody. If you tap on the drum slot, uFXloops will play the drumbeat. You can add any sound effect to the desired slot if you want. Click on the red button to record your music. Tap on the slots in the order you want to record the music. To finish the recording, you can stop the running slots by tapping on them. Check the recorded track in the “Recordings” folder. That’s how one can easily record their music in uFXloops.

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