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How To Make Personalized Balloons With Cricut Machine?

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We have been looking for little projects where you can make personalized balloons with Cricut. There are a lot of things you can do with the balloon theme, but for this tutorial, we chose to make a step-by-step guide for making baby shower balloon arches using tape and making Cricut vinyl balloon decals.

If you want to make Cricut vinyl balloon decals, this tutorial will give a step-by-step detailed guide. We have especially themed this project for baby showers, but accordingly, you can theme according to your personal preferences customizing the designs and the colors. So let us start with the tutorial.

Materials You Will Need To Make Personalized Balloons With Cricut

Here is the list of materials you will need to make a personalized balloon arch:

  • Balloons of different sizes
  • Fish wire or cotton to attach to walls, doors, etc.
  • Balloon arch strip tape and glue dots.
  • Cricut Joy machine
  • Balloon Pump (Can also use air bed pump)
  • Transfer Tape
  • Weeding Tool
  • Cricut Removable Smart vinyl

Step-by-step Guide To Make Personalized Balloons With Cricut

Step 1: Prepare The Balloon Arch

Start with the preparation of vinyl decals; we prefer to use removable vinyl as we find it easier it's reposition once the arch has been made.

You will have a larger image if you’re using a Cricut Joy machine. We have broken down the feet so we can cut two larger feet on the Joy.

After that, blow all your balloons using the balloon pump. While you are blowing the balloons, you can start building the idea for the distribution throughout the arch. While filling the balloons, we also found some of the balloons not easy to inflate. However, stretching the balloons resolved our problem. Please ensure that some of your balloons are small in size, as they can be used to fill empty spaces.  

Once you're done filling your balloons and the vinyl decals are being cut and weeded, you should decide which surface to decorate. You should think about where in the arch you have to keep the balloons, as it will directly impact the direction. After that, keep the vinyl decals on the balloons with free hands. We chose to decorate the large balloons and some confetti balloons too.

Please be careful not to rub it too hard for adhering at this stage because you must peel them when the arch is intact. Please don’t worry if you have got any creases, as you will get a chance to correct these creases later.      

Step 2: Make Balloon Arch With Tape

While you’re learning the process of making the balloon arch for the first time, you should ensure to balance and start arching the tape from the biggest balloons first. Spreading them throughout the tape at intervals ensures the place you will hang the arch and where they will fit in after the process completion.

The balloon arch strip will help you distribute all the tapes at intervals keeping in mind where you will hang the arch and where it will fit when the process is finished. For distributing the large balloons evenly, use the balloon arch strip. We went for the bottom and the top of the arch by using the middle-size balloons on the arch strip for the building.

For connecting the balloons to the arch strip can just pull up the knotted balloon end via the balloon slide cross and balloon arch strip, which helps in securing the arch.


Also, please ensure to keep going with all of the balloons except for the small balloons while leaving the small-sized balloons until and unless the arch is in the right position. Those will get attached to the glue dots.


The Final Step: Attachment Of The Balloon Arch

When you see your arch is all full, the next step is to decide the place you’re going to hang it, and after that, connect the fish wire or attach cotton to the arch and pull it at the place.

This is the perfect time to make sure that your Cricut vinyl balloon decals are all aligned in the right place as well as you’re satisfied. When you’re completely satisfied with the work, use a dry cloth for smoothing. And alternatively, you can also work with repositioning and smoothening.

Now finally, fill in the gaps and start building up the shape by adding the glue dots on the smaller balloons. This step just does the finishing part at the end of the balloon arch.




In this blog, we have explained how to make your personalized balloons with Cricut machine. We have included a step-by-step guide for making personalized balloons for baby showers. We hope you enjoyed making your baby shower personalized balloons if you want to read a blog like this. Stay connected with us.

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Source: https://cricutdesign0cut.wordpress.com/2022/11/17/how-to-make-personalized-balloons-with-cricut-machine/


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