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There are several users that have the word “torrent” associated along with pirating. That is enough to earn a bad reputation for torrenting along with the assumption for illegal torrent downloads. Although, it is true that there are several sites that people use to download torrent content illegally; however, there are several torrents that are legal to use. Here you can share a huge file with the help of the BitTorrent protocol. Before some time, there is software privacy that becomes the biggest problem.

 So it is essential to realize that using uTorrent or BitTorrent or any other torrent features is not illegal for themselves. If you are using, then it is not unlawful, but if using another client, then you need to know that is illegal. In this case, you can go to jail, get your IPS address banned, or you can get a case for copyright. When you are using the protocol for sharing any content and media, then you are safe from any misuse because you are working legally. In this article, we will teach you how you can make uTorrent Download Faster. We also suggest you can use uTorrent, but when you are using another client, then the method we will share can also work. Here you only need to settings up your client.

Speeding Torrent Downloads Through uTorrent

uTorrent client works on all platforms like Mac, Windows, Android, and Linux. It is an essential application that is free for the user, and it also has a premium version that you need to purchase a subscription to use. The subscription charges start from $4.95 to $52.46 for one year. If you want add-free features, then you can use its pair premium version that has the pro experience, we recommend you to use the free version because it perfectly works and anyone can use this for free to sharing files. uTorrent is not only for tracking the torrent on the web; it is also one of the popular applications to use for several clients. The torrent is one of the applications, and its features are used by millions of peoples worldwide.  Although it is not only well optimize “out of the box,” and there are several things that you can make faster.

Let Go Through With Firewall

Here first, you need to install uTorrent, while installing uTorrent in your device you need to tap on “Yes” when you asked. If you wish to add an expectation into a torrent in your Windows firewall. Then you need to tap on windows Firewall, and you need to go through with the Windows Firewall.

Here are the steps on how to use the Windows Firewall:

  • Launch the uTorrent application and then choose Preferences.
  • Move to the Connections and then check the box near the “Add Windows Firewall exception.”
  • You don’t need to worry about turning off your windows firewall while torrenting when you are launch this into your device up to malware, and also you can use shortcut threats.

Source :- https://qnorton.com/how-to-make-utorrent-download-faster/

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