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Vocal chops are great to listen to. They came into popularity due to the likes of DJ Snake, Mesto, and Skrillex. They can also be called the “Skrillex Vocal Effect.” Many people try to create vocal chops in DAW, but they don’t get the desired result they want. Many beginners struggle hard to create vocal chops in the way DJ Snake and some other music producers do. Here are some useful tips to help you make vocal chops like a pro.

Record Vocal

The first thing you have to do is record your vocals. Keep it in mind that you do not need to record any long-phrase or word, just record a word. You should know how a word should be spoken to create vocal chops. If you have a female singer or a child, make them do this. Recording a clear vocal sample is the first thing that plays an important role in creating superb vocal chops. 

Transpose the Vocal

The next step is to transpose between -7 and -11. Transposing vocals makes the vocal sound sharp and adds a childish tone to the vocals. Adjust Formant to add a more childish tone to vocals. Now listen to it and see if it sounds great. If it does, you are doing it right!

Chop Vocal Track

Every digital audio workstation program has different features to chop vocals. But the effective software to chop vocals is FL Studio. You can import the recorded sample into FL Studio, go to Piano Roll, and click on different notes to listen and see which note sounds better. Choose the note that sounds great.

Add Delay and Reverb

To make vocal chops sound smoother, you can add delay and reverb. The delay will add smoothness, and reverb will make it sound wider.

Arrange the Notes like a Pro

The most important thing is the arrangement. Vocal chops will not sound great unless you arrange them properly. There is no specific rule set to arrange the notes. It is similar to playing a melody. You can trigger the notes via MIDI controller if you want. Keep arranging the notes until they sound rhythmic and energetic.

Making vocal chops using the tips is easy enough. The result depends on how effectively you use the tips.

Source :- https://karenminton1.wordpress.com/2020/11/17/how-to-make-vocal-chops-like-a-pro/

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