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White Sage and Palo Santo are among the most sought-after cleansing incenses over the years. Palo Santo (Bursera graveolens), Holy Wood in Spanish is derived from a tree named the same as it is indigenous to Peru, Ecuador, and other South American countries. The sacred wood is considered to be an important cleanser of energy, White Sage also has been a significant source of energy for indigenous tribes in the western. Our hectic lives in the modern society require constant cleansing of energy. That's why we are able to dive into the benefits of these cleansing scents and the best way to utilize the benefits of them!

Why is Energy Cleansing Significant?

The energy that the environment you live in affects the way you think. It also affects your mood and productivity. This is why the process of cleansing your energy is essential and helps to bring positive energy within your life. There are a variety of methods for cleansing your energy, one of which incense scents like Palo Santo as well as White Sage tops the list.

How do you utilize Palo Santo Incense sticks?

Palo Santo is an earthy, strong and pervasive scent that eases stress and encourages holistic healing. It can be used to make candles, incense sticks, or essential oils. An ideal companion for yoga, meditation or other contemplative activities, Palo Santo incense sticks allow you to enjoy the healing properties of this scent at any time. It doesn't matter if you're making use of Palo Santo Incense Sticks for smoke or simply to relax and enjoy the fragrance Follow these steps to make the most out of its relaxing energy:

  • Take it with the Palo Santo Incense stickslightly over the top (preferably at an angle of 45 degrees) and light the end by using a lighter, candle or match until there's an ember or small flame. After about a minute you can blow it out, so that you only get smoke.
  • Set it at an angle, embers-down in a heatproof bowl so that it is burning continuously and then gently blow on the embers as required. This is also known as smudging.
  • You can also re-light it a few times so that it continuously release it's essential oils as well as energy properties into the air.
  • Try placing a few small rocks into the bowl that is heatproof and place the embers in the bed of rocks in order to get them away when you are done.

How do you utilize White Sage Incense sticks?

The ancient ritual of Sage Smudging has its origins deep within the Native American culture of the Lakota, Chumash, Cahuilla among others. There are many Sage varieties used for this ritual, but White Sage is a common one. The White Sage Incense Sticks are simple to use and are an excellent purifying tool utilized all over the world to cleanse negative energy, cleanse specific areas or objects, improve cognitive function, energy levels as well as mood and mood. They also soothe nervous tension. Take advantage of these spiritually purifying white Sage incense sticks by following the following steps:




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