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“Living room of the house is a temple for the soul.”

Living room needs to be the space where you feel totally at ease. It must give you a vibe of peace and comfort. Once you’re back home post a hectic day, the room must make you feel relaxed and calm.

Such a cozy vibe needs to be created. You need to put all your creative mind into decorating the living room of your house in a way that bestows a feeling of ease. And to achieve this milestone, you need to opt for decors that allow you to do so.

Don’t get intimidated with the thought of choosing the right decor pieces. We’re here with a list of decor pieces that will turn your living room into a cozy space.

Let’s have a look at these decor ideas.

Ideas to Make Your Living Room Look Cozy

  1. Work on the walls of the room

Walls are always brushed under the carpet when it comes to decorating a room despite the fact that they have great potential to elevate the visual appeal of the room.

For living room walls, you must go for light color paints. They will give a calm and aesthetic appeal to the entire room. Moreover, with just a few coats of light color paint, your room will surely look luxurious and spacious.

  1. Add wall arts that align with your personality

Adding wall arts to the wall of your room is very crucial. They will make your room look royal and elegant instantly. You just need to choose them as per the rest of the interiors of your room.

Moreover, opt for a wall art that highlights your personality and taste in arts so that it gives you a vibe of possession the moment you see it. This will turn your living room into a visual delight.

  1. Go for smooth shapes and rounded edges

Any decor which is sharp and shiny is not meant for the living room as it will destroy the cosy vibes of the room. Hard, sharp edges and lots of straight lines bestow a vibe of rigidity and inflexibility, giving the impression that you have to sit up straight and take it all seriously.

You need to bring more calmness and comfort into your living room and that is why it is crucial to opt for something sober. For instance,  you must go for furniture that makes you feel like it’s almost embracing you and giving you a warm hug.

  1. Block out the outside world to embrace intimacy quotient

Your living room is the most intimate area of your entire house where you come to spend time with your loved ones away from the chaos of the outer world.

So, give your best to make the living room a place that has no connection with the modern world.

For instance, hang natural linen curtains over windows to give a feel of privacy, opt for discreet technology that doesn’t dominate the space and put on some relaxing music and hunker down.

  1. Build bookshelves to feel the warmth of your favourite novels

A lover of literature understands what it is to have a grand living room with high ceilings and antique furniture upholstered in silky cream-colored fabrics and an imposing crystal chandelier. Just a sight at this shelf will make you forget all the miseries of your life.

Add a dramatic floor-to-ceiling wall of built-in bookshelves that further adds color and an old-fashioned sense of homeyness that can be missing in our ever more digital and immaterial age.


“Cozy isn't a style but a vibe that feels like a warm hug.”

The homey ambiance of a room that makes us want to curl up, relax and cocoon ourselves from the world. This can be achieved with the help of perfect amalgamation of architect and interior design.

But always remember, there is no single recipe for what makes a space feel cozy. It highly depends on who you’re as a person and what personality traits you possess.


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