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We know it goes without saying that a face is what attracts attention before anything else – it's certainly the most important part of a first impression. In Amazon, you don't even have to wonder whether or not this is true because it's absolutely obvious that the main image for your product yields results immediately. 


As far as conversion rates are concerned, the amazon product photography and brand image are all that matter and ultimately rank your products on Amazon's search engine pages which all revolve around one image: your primary photo, or in other words; your face!

Many people have a fear of being in the center of attention but on Amazon, it's different. For Amazon's product pages, the pictures are just one aspect of the products. 

While you may think that an image will have an effect on people's opinions about your product, it doesn't go as far as to dictate their buying decisions or overall how they view your products. In fact, there is little correlation between sales and what appears visually appealing because at one point; it could be compared to having a nice haircut or wearing crisp clothing – both get noticed but some might not find them very distracting either way.

As an invested seller, you need to look beyond the front lines. Think bigger and picture what represents your product and exactly where it exists? 

The main image will be one, but its impact can be observed across various places such as the main product page, Amazon search results, external search engines or even thumbnails or a small icon representing your brand. Therefore, target markets must be equally diversified. No matter where it shall appear, it has to look fantastic!

This is your brand and you want to make sure it’s as professional as possible. Remember that asking for help from professionals can ensure your product looks perfect from every angle—and we can help with this!


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