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How to Make Your Resume Stand Out from the Crowd

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With the introduction of online resume submission, job candidates can submit their resumes much more accessible than they were in the past. Unfortunately, this has brought with it an increase in applicant numbers for most positions, which has been bad for job seekers. As the Aged care recruiter wades through a mountain of resumes, it can be quite challenging to catch the eye of the recruiter.
The following tips will help you make your resume more likely to be noticed by potential employers.
Using Power Verbs to Highlight Accomplishments
You should highlight the steps you have taken to solve problems and how you have added value to the company by describing your previous employment experiences. Use power verbs to set off your tone of voice and convey how you did more than just state what you did. These verbs will tell your reader how you achieved your goals.
Overview of Awards and Recognition
Make sure you use keywords that imply recognition in your descriptions of the awards. Good recommendations are also a form of recognition. Your LinkedIn profile should have a link to your profile, and you should beef up your recommendations on your profile. Whenever possible, choose to send letters of recommendation to employers that know your skills and accomplishments.
Demonstrate your Leadership and Teamwork Skills
There is no doubt that most organizations highly value leadership and teamwork. Try to include examples of how you used these skills in each of your previous jobs in the descriptions you write concerning your last jobs. Include phrases that demonstrate leadership and teamwork in formal and informal ways.
Ensure that your Resume is relevant to the Job
It is important to highlight skills, achievements, and responsibilities most related to the requirements of the job you are applying for. The best way to do this is to analyze the job posting for keywords and then incorporate those keywords into your resume. A summary of your knowledge, skills, and accomplishments can also be included at the top of your resume so that the hiring manager can quickly see the most relevant skills, achievements, etc. Titles or headlines are also excellent ways to attract the hiring manager's attention. As part of the objective statement at the top of your resume, you should highlight your most significant strengths relevant to this position just beneath your contact information.
Consider including a section on ‘Core Competencies'
Keyword phrases are vital in getting your online resume application reviewed because many companies utilize applicant tracking systems to sort and “rate” the scores of job applications they receive. These systems are programmed to identify and rank specific keywords. Thus, it would help if you utilized as many keywords as possible throughout the text of your resume and cover letter.
Demonstrate your desire to upgrade your Skills and Knowledge
The professional development category should comprise training, certifications, publications, and presentations. Highlight your leadership roles and any publications and presentations you've given during your career.
Consider your resume as Advertising Copy
Emphasize key accomplishments or recognition by using boldface font. Don't overlook important details on your resume or descriptions by placing them near the top.
When wading into the pool of Aged Care recruitment It would be best if you aimed to use a friendly, simple font and avoid excessive underlining or italics on your resume. However, highlighting quantifiable numbers or percentages can be an effective way to pop them off the page and demonstrate your skills.




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