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How to Make Your Web App Go Viral?

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What if Instagram, Twitter, YouTube, Snapchat, and Facebook are banned? Can you live without them? We are guessing, not! How is it that these web apps are so popular while others are not?

Let us break it to you today. App virality isn’t a fluke, a lot of factors are taken into account, most importantly consumer behavior strategy. There are several apps already deployed on the app stores, then what is it that makes only a bunch of them viral?

Before proceeding further, let us quickly define APP VIRALITY. Any app is said to be viral if it is speedily shared among different users in a very little fraction of time. The most crucial point to be kept in mind during web app development is that your app must be able to trigger positive emotions in the audience. It is only then that they’ll share the app with as many people as they can.

No matter how popular the web app development company that you have hired is, you still need to apply tactics to make your app go viral. Keep scrolling to read strategies that will help you make your app viral.


Pre-launch marketing

This is the ultimate solution to make your app go viral. Launch email marketing campaigns or social media campaigns before the app launch to build hype among the customers. Such campaigns will ensure an increased number of app downloads.

Reward for users

Referral credits are one of the oldest yet powerful strategies for app virality. For instance, Uber offers credits to user A every time any other user downloads the app using the referral link of user A. This is a win-win strategy. People earn rewards and your app gains exposure. Think about it!

Easy process for sign-up

Besides app downloads, you also have to focus on an excellent onboard experience for the users. One of the easiest ways to do this is to lower the number of steps in the sign-up process.

Pro Tip: Offer social sign-ups through Google, Facebook, etc.

Press release

If you have the budget, use Press Release (PR) services. Create news about your app and publish it on various platforms.

Jean Hsu said, “Unless people like to use it or feel the need to install and share it, reaching 100 million downloads is tough. Hiring the top web app development company won’t be enough to make a viral app, you will have to put in extra efforts too. Do you agree?



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