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How to manage the data in TurboTax

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TurboTax is widely used tax preparation software which used financial data to prepare tax returns and related documents. The program is interview-driven, which means that the user has to answer a series of questions to carry out the process. At the same time, he has to provide relevant data for preparing the tax returns. The data is taken from diverse sources such as accounting software, previous tax returns, financial institutions etc., and it can be edited too. For this, you can call TurboTax customer service and ask for professional guidance. Alternatively, you can try the following ways for editing data in TurboTax:

When editing has to be done for data based on Interview/Worksheet Entry

Check the return for any kinds of errors; for this, you have to thoroughly examine each and every form that you are going to file. From the ‘View' pull down menu on TurboTax screen's top, select ‘Error Alerts'.

Identify all the data that is incorrect and needs to be edited. Use the on-screen backtracking feature provided by TurboTax for locating the original source of the data that has been imported, manually entered or given as the answer to the interview process of TurboTax.

Make requisite rectifications for any incomplete/incorrect answers that have been given by you during the interview.

Locate the error which has been caused by any incorrect entry that has been done manually on a form/worksheet. Then backtrack to the document for editing the data where it has been initially entered.

When editing has to be done for data based on imported files

Start by identifying the source error caused by incorrect data imported into the TurboTax data file.

From the pull down menu of TurboTax File, choose ‘Remove Imported Data' and then follow the prompts for highlighting and removing the data that has to be corrected.

Now open the accounting/financial program from where the incorrect data has been sourced. Make the necessary changes for correcting the data.

Save the changes that you have made in the accounting/financial program and then close it.

Finally return to TurboTax and reimport the rectified data from the accounting/financial program.

Tips and Warnings

Make sure that the ‘Save' option has been used after each edit so that the entire return is recalculated with TurboTax. It also allows you to view all the changes that have been made to the data.

Care has to be taken while making edits in the data. You must take some extra steps for returning to the data source and correcting the errors right there. This can save time and also minimize complications later on.

If you are unable to edit TurboTax data with these steps, it would be best to seek professional guidance by calling TurboTax customer service number. The number connects you with certified and trained technicians who are available round the clock to assist and guide you with all TurboTax issues from Mycustomerservice.org


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