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If you've written a book and plan to publish it independently, one thing is for sure: you need a marketing campaign to make it a success. While you might dream of going viral, it happens only to a handful of people each year, and it's not something you can peg your hopes on realistically. The best book marketing companies come to the table with unique plans for every book, and it's wise to work with a book PR firm if you can. Much of doing well today depends on rising above the competition because it's fierce – each year, the number of new books published increases. Your work needs support to succeed.

Given the preeminence of the internet today, some question the value of pitches to the media for traditional publicity. But when you take a closer look online, you'll see that much of the most often shared information originated with TV shows and print brands (newspapers and magazines). All today have websites, many with high traffic numbers. When they post videos and stories, people read and share them in large numbers. Therefore, like it or not, it's in your interest as a self-published author to have a media relations campaign to accompany your book's launch. Without one, you may not do well.

It's natural to tactfully mention your book and its launch in your social media channels, and guest blogging is an excellent idea to reach a broader audience. Make sure you select the blogs carefully and look for ones with audiences that match your target readers. Merely reaching people won't do much if they aren't interested in you or your topic. Make your posts enjoyable and steer clear of controversial issues such as politics unless they are the subject of your book. You might vote for different candidates than someone, but they can still buy and read your book. Try not to offend certain groups in your posts.

Ever since the coronavirus pandemic, virtual book tours have gained in popularity. Before, there was disappointment when an author wanted to appear online, and now it is much more widely accepted. If you can give a presentation or attend in person, it is excellent, but if not, offer to be present virtually. The greater flexibility means you can participate in many more events than previously possible, all from your home or office. Radio and podcast interviews are also desirable because they reach niche audiences with a high level of interest in your book when selected strategically. You'll spark book sales with them.


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