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For a lot of small businesses, the autumn can feel like an awkward nonentity or “in-between” period; a time when the summer has firmly wound down, and resources and energy are largely being channelled towards Christmas preparations. 


However, that doesn’t mean your own online store ought to treat the season in that way. After all, with its cooler temperatures, calming red-orangey hues, and events such as Halloween and Cyber Monday, the autumn has enough to offer as a season in its own right. 


So, let’s get to the subject of how your e-tail store can market itself effectively during this time of year that can hold more promise than you might think. 


Incorporate autumnal hues into… well, everything 


Yes, it’s an “obvious” tip to start off with. However, incorporating some yellows, oranges, reds, and other “Earthy” colours into your brand’s banner images and social media profiles can be an understated way to reference the season, that can also be easily changed up again from December. 


And of course, “organic” colours also tend to be quite versatile. For example, if you purchase some brown, black, red, and green shredded paper from our store in order to tie in with an “autumn” theme, and you still have some left over by the end of the season, it can also be easily used as hamper tissue, or for the protective packaging of Yuletide-season orders. 


Get a social media photo contest going 


Of course, an image-oriented social network such as Instagram would be an obvious place to launch a photo competition, but there are quite a few other popular platforms where it would work, too. 


Such a contest could work as follows: you invite your brand’s social followers to take images of themselves engaged in some of their favourite autumn activities, such as playing football in the garden, or going on city breaks, perhaps with your own store’s products shown in some way. 

You could have a single unifying hashtag for it all, and the winner of the contest could win items from your store, while also having their victorious image featured on your brand’s own social media profile. 


Launch an email newsletter 


If there’s something that you have long considered doing to help your online store capture shoppers’ custom for longer, but that you also weren’t entirely sure about, the autumn period could be an excellent time to do it. After all, it enables you to relatively quietly “retire” schemes that might not have ultimately worked out well.  

Depending on what your business sells, an email newsletter could be genuinely useful for your customers, giving them tips on how to manage certain crucial things in their lives more effectively. Such tips may, or may not, involve a few of the products in your store. 


And of course, the autumn is a time when many of us spend a greater amount of time indoors. So, your target audiences might be likelier to have the time to peruse what an email newsletter of your brand has to offer, which could include timely end-of-summer discounts as well. 


Launch some sports-specific promotions  


Another one of the highlights of this time of year for many people, at least here in the UK, is the professional football season getting underway. 


For your ecommerce store, this could present a chance for you to sponsor a local sports team, or maybe even to launch promos and discounts that have a “sporty” framing in one way or another. Your store might offer items that would be useful for those who partake in sport during the autumn, those who merely watch it, and – of course – both groups of people. 


We could continue giving suggestions of how you could most effectively promote your business and its offerings throughout the autumn. But here at Shredded-Paper.co.uk, we’re mainly in the business of offering excellent-quality and eco-friendly shredded paper and hamper tissue. 


So, why not discover some great options for such shredded paper in our store today, including from our recently launched Halloween and Christmas collection? 



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