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Are you creating videos consistently and with tons of effort, but are having a hard time making money off it? Do you know that your videos have a huge earning potential, but something isn’t quite adding up for you?

Being a content creator is not easy. Behind all the glamour and fame, there is a lot of effort, anticipation, planning, and consistency involved. You end up wondering how other video creators earn a living off of just making content. What are the video monetization tools they use? How do they facilitate video monetization so seamlessly? What are their strategies, and so on?

Video monetization is less about actually monetizing and more about sticking to the rules and having a general awareness of monetization strategies.

You see, many people post videos every day but don’t seem to earn money off of them, which is fine, especially if earning money isn’t their principal aim. However, it can get frustrating if you hope to make it your primary income source. So, how can you change this situation and start video monetization effectively?

Here are a few tricks that will help you bring up the figures.

How to Monetize Your Videos

Create Sellable Videos

A large bulk of the videos that exist on the internet are substandard, uploaded with shabby text and effects. And many people wonder why they aren’t generating enough views or likes. Being a famous vlogger is all fun and games until you see how much work goes into each video and how often they are cranking out content. Content creators work all seven days of the week without really taking a break.

Local Adventurer—a website and a YouTube channel based out of the US—recently shared their daily schedule to their followers. They mentioned starting their work at 9:30 am and not finishing until midnight. This routine is typical for creators, and it shows us one thing: you need to hustle and leverage your content game and create something worth selling.

To be more specific:

• Be prepared to work hard: That means sitting in front of your laptop day in and day out, working on strategies, editing, and researching the best video monetization tools.

• Be prepared to work for free initially: If you think you will make money overnight by creating videos, then think again. Initially, you will have to sit through without making a dime. Gradually, as you include other monetization tools to your bucket and start understanding the content game, you will start earning money.

Go for Profitable Content Style

If you’ve already been following point number one by working hard, strategizing, using tools, and staying consistent, yet cannot get the meter running, then it is time to rethink your complete strategy. If you’ve been creating a specific type of content and it isn’t working, it’s. Possible your content style is not marketable enough.

So, turn your strategy around and go for marketable style, meaning videos that are trending. You can replicate a video by adding your perspective and originality and see whether that works. There is no point staying consistent if your video style is not what the audience wants to watch.

Presentation in videos is crucial, along with the quality you deliver. You can have a rosy setup, but if the information you are sharing is not valuable enough, your expensive ring lights or shimmery backdrop won’t matter much. Even if you don’t use a ring light or get don’t glammed up for every video you make, if your content is full of helpful information, people are going to watch it.

Try for a different perspective as a few niches won’t be sellable in an over-saturated or low-demand market.

Check Your Videos for Copyrights

Creating videos for fun to share on your personal feed is one thing; you probably don’t worry about which music you are using. But when it comes to being a professional video creator who incorporates video monetization while creating content, you need to be cautious about copyrights. Suppose you use copyrighted music or even a copyrighted video clip picked off the internet. In that case, the music/video creator might sue you. So even if you generate 10,000 views, the income will go to the music/video creator and not you.

What is the alternative, then? We understand not everyone has the resources to purchase a drone and capture Machu Picchu from the top down or produce cinematic music for your videos. However, various websites and YouTube videos give away copyright-free or royalty-free video clips and music that you can use in your videos by giving the proper credit to their creators.

Consider other Video Monetization Options

1. YouTube

Most content creators consider YouTube as their go-to video monetization tool and platform. And we agree with the fact that YouTube is one of the most popular video platforms with an integrated monetization option. YouTube’s Google AdSense program allows video creators to earn money out of videos through views and clicks. It is free to use and makes for an excellent monetization tool.

Although AdSense has several benefits there are a few drawbacks. Their eligibility requirements are challenging: The channel needs to reach 4,000 watch hours in the previous 12 months and 1,000 subscribers.

2. Retrieve

Video monetization platforms such as Retrieve enable creators to build, create, and promote videos and digital products to their followers. Their in-house will work with you to determine and share what products and monetization tools are best suited for your audience and skill set. They then further assist by helping you create the products from start to finish and will leave you with a promotion plan to ensure steady revenue.

Uploading your guides and informational videos to Retrieve can open up a fresh revenue stream. No algorithm pleasing required.

Lastly, be Patient

Video monetization is going to take its sweet time. Although there are a few ways to make money as a content creator, you need to be patient. Staying consistent and generating high-quality, helpful content is the key. Study your audience, your niche, your market. Experiment with different content styles. Analyse what is working in your niche. Look around for more monetization tools. If your niche is highly over-saturated or less in demand, learn how you can still make it work. You can probably add a different perspective or style to content creation within this niche to enable monetization and boost your view count.

While it is possible to monetize content on video platforms like YouTube or social channels like Instagram, we suggest going for content monetization platforms like Retrieve, Kajabi, etc., to monetize your followers. Check out Retrieve.com to learn more about the platform and leverage your monetization game.



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