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1. Download a free copy of Active Wall Traffic Monitor to keep track of web traffic in your local network (see Resources). Active Wall Traffic Monitor is designed to handle the task of monitoring large networks, and can keep track of up to 1,000 network devices and give you real-time upload and download to your local network. Active Wall Traffic Monitor can also be programmed to automatically export daily summaries of network web traffic.

The goal of subnetting is to create a fast, efficient, and resilient computer network. As networks become larger and more complex, the traffic traveling through them needs more efficient routes.

2. Monitor web traffic on your local network with a free copy of Look @ LAN Network Monitor (see Resources). Look @ LAN allows you to control the traffic on your network through the IP addresses of devices connected to your network or by the types of active services used by devices in your network, e.g. such as FTP (File Transfer Protocol) or HTTP (Hypertext Transfer Protocol). Click on the ‘Refresh' option to get the latest reports on your LAN and its traffic, or set Look @ LAN for automatic updating at specified intervals.

3. Track web traffic with a free copy of Network Probe (see Resources). Network Probe lets you analyze the traffic for each device on your network. The program uses a speedometer-like meter to show you how many kilobits per second each device transfers between itself and other network devices or on the Internet.

Monitoring web traffic on a local area network (LAN) can be very helpful for network administrators in allocating network resources and keeping track of users or network devices that use more than their fair share of network bandwidth. Keep track of incoming and outgoing traffic between your LAN and the Internet using any free software.


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