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Stage 1: Snap “Add Document” to add OLM record.

Stage 2: Review OLM information things.

Stage 3: Pick “PST” as Commodity type.

Stage 4: Snap the “Commodity” button to get done with the responsibility.

The assignment is at long last effective.

Figure out How to Change over OLM Documents to PST Configuration Physically

There are 4 moves Pen Drive Recovery software convert OLM messages into PST record design:

Design New Email Record in Macintosh Standpoint

Import OLM record and Move Its Messages to New Record

Design Same Email Record in Windows Standpoint

Send out OLM Messages into PST Document

We should investigate every one of the means individually:

Stage 1: Arrange New Email Record in Macintosh Viewpoint

Make another Gmail record and open it on your internet browser to change OLM over completely to PST design.

Go to its Settings and Empower IMAP choice in the Sending and POP/IMAP tab. Then, at that point, Save the changes.

Open Viewpoint for Macintosh, then go to Inclinations and select Records.

Click on the in addition to (+) sign, select New Record, and enter the Gmail email address here.

enter email address

From that point forward, enter the secret key and hit the Add Record button.

enter email secret phrase

In the Set up your Email window that shows up, click on Proceed.

click on proceed

Then, at that point, a message will show up ‘your program has been opened. Kindly sign in and return when you're finished. Here click on the Sign in to research button.

sign in to research

After reappearing the qualifications and checking the subtleties, click on the Permit button to affirm the setup interaction.

permit admittance to change olm over completely to pst

An affirmation box will show up. Here, click on the Open Microsoft Viewpoint button to continue.

open microsoft standpoint

Finally, hit the Done fasten and the email account is effectively designed.

Indeed click done

Stage 2: Import OLM record and Move Its Messages to New Record

The second move toward convert OLM to PST expects you to import the OLM record in the application that contains the recently arranged account. Then, at that point, move the information from the OLM document into this designed record post box. From that point forward, let the information synchronize with the mail server.

Stage 3: Arrange Same Email Record in Windows Standpoint

Presently, send off Windows Viewpoint and go to Record, then, at that point, Add Record.

click on add account

From that point forward, enter the Gmail email address and tap the Interface button to continue.

enter same gmail id

The application will open the program to sign in to the Google account and affirm the accreditations. Reemerge the record subtleties here and snap the Sign in button.

sign in to research

Once done effectively, click the Permit button to close the program and return to the Standpoint application.

permit to change macintosh olm over completely to pst

Finally, click the Done fasten once the record is added effectively.

account effectively arranged

Stage 4: Product OLM Messages into PST Record

Open Document menu, then select Open and Commodity, then click on Import/Product to trade messages to PST.

open and product from standpoint

Select Product to a record in the Import and Commodity Wizard window and afterward click on the Following button.

trade olm to a pst record

Select Standpoint Information Record (.pst) in the Product to a document window, then, at that point, click on the Following button.

select pst information document

Presently, make a point to choose the post box of the recently designed account that contains the OLM messages, then click on the Following button.

pick gmail account post box

Finally, peruse the area to save the PST record and snap on the Completion button.

peruse and complete change

With this, you have effectively changed OLM over completely to PST design utilizing the above advances.

Impediments When You Convert OLM to PST Physically

Application Subordinate Methodology: This transformation requires different applications for its execution. Subsequently, it is difficult to work with this strategy on the off chance that any of the Microsoft Standpoint email clients are absent.

High Gamble of Losing Information Halfway: While moving messages starting with one record then onto the next, there are chances of information misfortune. Any manual mistake can prompt losing messages and other letter box things forever.

Backhanded Approach: The manual strategy USB Drive Recovery software switch Macintosh OLM over completely to PST is all the more a stunt as opposed to a real technique. All things considered, it includes the use of two applications and the exchange of messages between them. Without any step will bring about information misfortune.

Just Relevant for Messages: This free technique is simply material to moving messages and doesn't take other letter drop things like contacts, schedules, assignments, and notes into thought.


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