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Moving is a difficult task because there are many details to attend to. You must sort through your belongings, locate dependable packers and movers, and complete a number of other tasks. People occasionally disregard the significance of packing and moving jewellery during all these steps. But when relocating to a new home, such priceless possessions shouldn't be disregarded. Your ornaments should be packed carefully and transported to your new residence without damage.

If you don't know how to pack jewellery for moving, don't worry; we've got some great pointers and tricks for quick and simple packing. You can find some genuine South Delhi packers and movers on listdo.

Examine all of your jewellery.

It is best to go through your collection and group the various pieces of jewellery together before packing your jewellery for the move. As a result, start by placing a large cloth and all of your jewellery on the bed, table, or floor. After that, group all of your jewellery into categories such as necklaces, bracelets, etc. You can get rid of any broken or outdated jewellery pieces.

List your possessions

Take an inventory of all the jewellery pieces after going through your collection to keep a proper record. This step will help you keep track of your ornaments so that you don't misplace them. You can double-check the jewellery from the package when unpacking.

Mass Packing Materials

Packing supplies are necessary to protect your jewellery from becoming tangled as well as being damaged during the move. Therefore, make sure you have plenty of the following packing supplies:

  1. Bopp Wrap
  2. Roll of tissue paper
  3. Consuming Straws
  4. Egg boxes
  5. Sticky tape
  6. Strong Carton

Tips for Packing Necklaces and Bracelets

Because they tangle and break easily when being moved, necklaces and bracelets are some of the hardest jewellery items to pack. In order to prevent tangles, you can pack your necklaces and bracelets in the following ways:

  • Use Straws: Drinking straws are a common item in households. These straws can be used to pack your necklaces so that they remain undamaged and aren't tangled up during the move. All you need for this simpler method of jewellery packing are a lot of straws. Take your necklace and thread it through a straw before fastening the end. If the straws are too long, you can cut the bracelets or anklets with this trick.
  • Use a Tissue Roll – The tissue roll method is identical to the straw method for packing necklaces and bracelets. For bulky, heavy necklaces, a toilet or tissue roll can be useful. Put your necklace through the roll's opening and fasten it. You're all set! That's all there is to it! The necklace set on the roll's earrings or studs can also be inserted. In this manner, you can pack a necklace set's components together rather than separately.

Use bubble wrap. If you're using a professional household moving service to relocate, the South Delhi packers and movers will bring a sizable roll of bubble wrap with them.

You can take some bubble wrap sheets, arrange your necklaces in a straight line on the sheets, fold the sheets into a roll, and tape the edges shut.

  • Earrings Packing for a Move – During studs frequently disappear. Here's how to relocate them to your new house while keeping them secure.
  • Keep Rings and Earrings in Egg Cartons – Using egg cartons to pack jewellery is one of the best methods, especially for earrings and rings. You will need an empty egg carton for this straightforward packing trick, into which you can put your earrings or ear studs, and seal the carton with rubber bands or strings.
  • Using pill cases – Keeping your medications, vitamins, and other supplements organised by day and week is made easier with pill cases. You can keep your rings, earrings, or ear studs in the pill organiser. You can wrap the pill organiser in bubble wrap and tape to make it completely secure.
  • Using Buttons – Using buttons is another simple method for packing your earrings. Gather all of your home's extra cloth buttons. After that, insert the earring back through the opposite side of the buttonhole. You can pack all the buttons inside a small carton or box that you bring.
  • Business cards – You can also store your earrings on old business cards. Puncture a hole in the card, then place the back on the opposite side. and keep this box with the cards.

Pack each item separately to prevent scratches.

You can pack each item separately, wrap it in paper or bubble wrap to prevent scratches, and then put it in the box for shipping. This will protect your priceless silver, gold, and other ornaments from damage. The ornaments will get scratched or damaged if you place them without first wrapping them.

Always keep your jewellery on you.

Finally, make sure you have the jewellery on you. Your ornaments are priceless and very valuable. You don't want to lose them during the move because they are sentimental items. Therefore, it is best to pack the jewellery yourself and carry it with you at all times. This is because the packers and movers do not assume responsibility for moving important items like heirlooms, jewellery, and important documents. No matter how highly rated the moving company may be, it is best to decline their offer to move your belongings.

Those were some crucial recommendations for packing jewellery for a move. Jewellery items like necklaces, rings, and other accessories have high financial and sentimental value. Additionally, it's crucial to pack them carefully to prevent loss during a move. Applying the aforementioned advice will help you pack your earrings, necklaces, and other accessories quickly and avoid hours of frustration.  You can find amazing South Delhi packers and movers on listdo.




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