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How to Pair Cricut Machine & Download Software on Desktop & Mobile?

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With a motive to create do-it-yourself designs, knowing about Cricut setup download is obviousIt doesn't matter whether the DIYer is using a Desktop or smartphone; the process can be done without diving too much into the method. In simple language, Design Space is a companion app that runs simultaneously with the craft plotter allowing the user to get the design on the uploaded material.

A variety of facilities come with the software; however, one of the features that makes it unique is that it can quickly get setup with Windows/Mac, Android/iOS devices. Furthermore, if you've many questions regarding the software setup procedure, go through the content released here.

Cricut Setup Download for Desktop

Before commencing the Desktop Cricut download process, ensure you've strong internet connectivity so that you don't face any errors during the process. Have a look below to learn about the process here: 

  1. Kick off the setup process by visiting the search engine and visiting Design Space's official website.
  2. Select Download to begin the process of downloading the app.





  1. When the app gets downloaded, minimize the window and open the Downloads folder.
  2. Double-click the folder, and the app will start installing on your system.
  3. Following the app's successful installation, open it by clicking on it.
  4. Sign in at the Cricut Design Space page by entering the ID & Password or creating your account.





  1. Finally, you can enjoy creating the design on the installed app using your Desktop. 

Design Space Setup for Mobile Devices

Another option that can be used by the users to use the Cricut app for creating projects is by installing & setting it up on Android/iOS devices. More importantly, you need to follow the steps mentioned below to successfully complete the process. 

  1. At the home screen of your smart devices, click on the App Store/Play Store box.





  1. Press the Install or Get button on the new web page to start the installation process.





  1. Wait till the app is getting installed on your respective devices.
  2. After successfully completing the installation, you can start creating the design by opening the Canvas.


Summing up the blog, we've decided that completing the Cricut setup download isn't a very big deal. However, one needs to be very cautious and follow all the instructions during the process. With the installed app's assistance, the DIYer can complete the opportunity to give formation to their imaginary ideas. Apart from that, to get the answers to your queries, pursue the section below. 

Frequently Asked Question

Question: Why Am I Not Able to See My Uploaded Images?

Answer: Be sure that you’ve opened your internet and ensure that you saved your work during the process. Don’t forget to cross-check that the internet connectivity in your area should be high. Following this, you’ve to be quick by relaunching the app on your Desktop or smartphone. However, if the issue still carries on then immediately contact the Member Care team of the company.

Question: Why is My Design Space Not Loading After Getting It Installed?

Answer: You must have faced this error after downloading the app but forgot to install it on your devices. Ensure that you’ve compulsory system requirements and complete the app installation process as per the instructions. After the successful installation of the app, you need to open it just the same way you open another app on your device.

Question: How Can I Launch Cricut Design Space on Windows?

Answer: Read the instructions about launching the app on Windows: 

  • Tick the Windows symbol or write Design Space inside the Search field.
  • Choose the Cricut Design Space app to launch the installed application.
  • You can also add the app to the Pin to Taskbar or Pin to Start to reach the app quickly.

Visit: Cricut Design Space



       cricut.com/setup mac




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