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Even after all these centuries, locket necklaces still have special places in people’s hearts. Lockets capture sentimentality, make for thoughtful gifts, and allow the wearer to hold their most precious memories close. And although lockets have evolved with every century, they may still contain certain items of significance. So, what do people put in their locket necklaces and how can you customize a locket for yourself or a loved one?

What to Put in a Locket

Classic lockets usually contain one or two photos – but you can also put other things in there to make a locket extra special. A high-quality locket may come with a personalized “page” inside for you to get creative with. Here are some unique ideas for your page:

• A meaningful handwritten message or quote—etched into the metal page inside the locket. This gives the wearer a lifetime of safekeeping (as opposed to a note written on a piece of paper and placed inside).

• Map coordinates of which only you and the other person know the significance. They could be for where you first met, your favorite vacation spot, or where you want to grow old together.

• Special numbers or dates, such as birthdays, marriage dates, and any life events that matter to you or the person wearing the locket.

• A child’s drawing etched into the metal page, with their birthday on the other side, is another meaningful option. Get creative with the small space inside the locket!

How to Make Your Locket Stand Out

As one of your most treasured pieces of jewelry, you may want a locket that is simple but also stands out as your featured piece. Here’s what that could mean for you:

Lockets with diamonds on the cover make sophisticated statements. With either a rectangular or round locket, dispersed diamonds on the front are beautiful touches to a fine piece of heirloom jewelry.

• Layer your locket necklace with other necklaces of varying lengths. Solid gold chains always add a chic touch to casual or dressier outfits—and give dimension to your jewelry look.

• Add a mommy charm to your locket necklace. A mommy charm is just what it sounds like: a custom charm that has something like a birthdate, a memorable saying, or simply the word “MOM” hand stamped into the metal.

• Wear a colorful precious stone charm on your locket necklace when you want a pop of color. Citrine, lapis, or ruby are all striking options that carry significant meaning. See what’s out there.

Lockets Made with High-Quality Metals and Materials

When creating a custom locket, you also want it to be crafted with fine materials so it lasts forever and can be passed on to the next generation. Choose materials such as sterling silver, 14k yellow gold, and white diamonds. Chain selection is also important for longevity. A 2mm solid gold or sterling silver chain in your ideal length is an excellent choice. One last note: Exquisitely crafted pieces should be made with the highest level of craftsmanship so you feel good about holding it close to your heart.

About Heather B. Moore

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