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Choosing a reliable removal company is an important part of moving home. The last thing you need is to hire a shady moving company who will damage your belongings or not show up on time.

There are many horror stories online of people and families having bad experiences with removals companies, so we’ve put together a few things in this article to check before you hire the wrong people for the job.

There is a difference between professional moving companies and smaller moving companies, or men with vans etc. Apart from the price, there will be a big difference in the services they actually provide. Of course, not everyone can afford professional removal companies and opt for a cheaper option, but even still, there are few things and red flags you can look out for before committing to a moving company.

Start with the reviews

Always start with a local search online for reliable removal companies. Google will provide a review rating and customer feedback on companies. This goves you a better idea if they’re a company you can trust and hire. 

Ask friends and family 

Another good place to start when looking for a reliable moving company is to ask family and friends if they can recommend anyone they have used in the past. This again can save a lot of time searching for a good reliable company.


You will know you’re dealing with a professional company if they offer to come visit and survey your move. Nearly all top moving companies will do this to assess the scale of the job and whether access to and from the property will be easy to handle during the move. This is usually a free service and a good chance to see how the company operates before committing to anything. Sometimes the survey can be done via video or face time etc.

A lot of smaller movers will likely turn up on the moving day and not be prepared for the scale of the job. 

Removal Insurance 

A good removal company will provide insurance for customer goods and belongings. This insurance covers theft and damage in transit. Always ask if the moving company can provide an insurance quote for your items. If they can’t, then you will have to accept that if anything goes missing or gets damaged, it’s on you!

Packing Services

Reliable good companies will provide professional packing services to make sure your belongings are safely packed ready for transit. Most top moving companies will have trained staff and packing teams who can come to your home before your move date and professionally pack up your items. Many people opt to do their own packing which is fine and can save extra costs, but it is a sign of a reliable professional company if they offer this service to you.

Packing materials

Professional movers will have their own packing materials and offer to provide packing materials (at a cost) to their customers. Alarm bells should ring if the company you are dealing with doesn’t have packing materials. This would be a sign that they are not very professional and the chances are they don't care too much about if your belongings get damaged during the move.

Protecting furniture and disassembling furniture

Reliable movers will make sure your furniture, home, flooring, edges and surfaces are protected when moving house. Furniture should be covered and wrapped, flooring should be covered with protective matts if they are loading and unloading heavy goods. The last thing you need are scrapes and dents on both furniture and structures inside the house such as stairs, floor tiles, floor boards etc. A good company should also have the correct moving apparatus like trolley dollies to lift heavier items. 

Before moving certain furniture, a professional company will disassemble the furniture ready for transit. Some companies will provide this service free, while others may charge for this service. If there’s a lot to disassemble then you can expect the cost to be reflected in their quote.

Storage Services

A reliable company will provide secure storage for their customers.  Sometimes you might need to use storage for a few days or longer between moving homes. Also if there are any unforeseen problems that arise on moving day, they are able to provide this service to you so that your items are secure and safe. 



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