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Balcony planters can be a great addition to any home. They are useful and beautiful, and they can be used to decorate your home in a very unique way. Balcony hanging planters can monumentally change the appearance of your home- it can help the ambiance of your home to shift to something more comfortable and more positive. When you think of balcony planters you think of beauty and nature, and both of these things are needed for any apartment to have a positive and happy vibe.

But while choosing balcony flower pots, there are certain things that you have to keep in mind. There are thousands of options when it comes to balcony pots, so it is not uncommon to be a little befuddled by the choices. But when it comes to picking balcony planters for your home, the best way to do it is by trusting your gut instinct. You can also pick a plant holder for balcony based on your personality. Here are some Tips that can help you choose the right pot holders for balcony based on your preferences and personality:

Bright Balcony Pot Holders for A Bright Personality

Balcony Planters

 If you are a fun person in general, and you often associate yourself with bright colors and shades, then brightly-colored balcony pot plants are best suited for you. As mentioned above, the best pick will depend on your association with the balcony planter box, and in this case, the color will do that for you. You can obviously go for patterns and designs, but if you want to keep it simple, yet want it to reflect your personality- then you can go for brightly colored balcony pots for plants. 

Simple Balcony Hanging Basket for A Simple Mindset

balcony hanging planters

Simple balcony plant pot holders are best suited for people who do not like too much pomp and over-the-top dramatic patterns.  While choosing a planter for an apartment balcony, make sure to go for simplistic shades and solid to no patterns on your planters. The type of color should also represent your personality. If you are a simple person, then soft shades are best suited to the artificial hanging plants for balcony.

Boho Patterns for an Artistic Soul

balcony flower pots

 No matter if you have large or small balcony planters in your home, if you want to go for something artistic then Boho patterns are best suited for you. Boho patterns on your balcony railing planter pots can showcase your artistic nature, and you can have fun with the colors as well. Go for a mix of vibrant shades, and opt for patterns that you associate with. People who have a hunger for beauty and art, they should bring out their talents and their love for art by choosing these balcony railing potholders.

Red shades for a Romantic Soul

balcony pots

 If you are a romantic at heart, then the shades of red might appeal to you more than any colors on this planet. So, there should be no question about the color of the balcony hanging plant pots in this case. There are many different shades of red, which can bring out your inner romantic ideas one by one. The color red is often associated with vitality too, so it can be a welcoming change in your balcony. Go for solid colors on balcony planters with minimal designs, as the color red works best alone. Just remember that the balcony railing planter that you choose, should connect you with your beautiful, romantic soul.

Natural Planters for a Nature-Loving Heart

 If you are a nature-loving person, then you should definitely go for a flower pot for balcony railings. Amongst the various designs, styles and shades, the things that nature-lovers should look for in balcony railing pots include the color, the materials and the design of the plant. There are many options for balcony planters that have a natural base, that can be a perfect choice for you. Clay balcony planters and balcony planters that have an authentic natural tone in them should be on the top of your list. When it comes to colors, you can go for the shades of green as they are mostly associated with nature. And green is soothing for the eyes as well.


In the end, no matter what balcony planter you choose, it should reflect your inner self and your preferences more than anything. The colors, the designs and the styles are made for your convenience, so think and choose based on your ideas about what kind of balcony planters you should get for your home.


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