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Air conditioning can be a great way to keep cool during the hot summer months. But it's important not to let your air conditioner run all day long because it will have a negative effect on you and your home's energy bill. This blog post will discuss how best to place your AC unit to maximise its effect without wasting too much energy. We'll also go over what type of unit is best for different rooms or houses- which is helpful if you live in an apartment or duplex with multiple units!

Here are tips to maximise your AC units

There are many things to consider when buying an air conditioning unit. First, think about where you might place it. Will it be inside or outside? Where are the windows and doors for each room located? These factors will determine how much work your AC unit has to do in staying cool- if that's what you want!

Choose the wall that doesn't face the sun.

If you're looking for an excellent central location to put your air conditioner, look no further than an exterior wall on the south side of your home. It is because even though most homes face north (or another direction), they receive less direct sunlight than any other side of your house. So placing it against the glass on the South allows maximum output with minimum input from fans and pumps; this way, not only can heat escape outwards through those windows, but fresh cooling air flows into them as well.

Install ceiling fans to improve air circulation.

If you're really looking to go the extra mile, install ceiling fans in addition to your air conditioner. If there's a part of your home where any cool air is trapped and unable to circulate (like if it's sitting under a staircase or behind a bookshelf), this method could help pull that stagnant air out and replace it with fresh cooled air from outside. Proper air circulation inside your house will keep you cooler and lessen the strain on your AC unit to pump in cold air to reduce heat, especially during summer.

For example, the best air conditioning service Newcastle has to offer advice homeowners that an AC unit is not only about size, or power output-it but how good are your air circulation and heat insulation. 

The best place for an AC unit isn't the highest, coolest spot in your house.

Sometimes, you need to consider how air flows to determine where to place your AC unit. In many instances, homeowners believe that air conditioning units must be placed high in a wall. However, to ensure optimum airflow, you need to place the AC in the centre of a space and not of the wall. The goal of air conditioning placement is even, uniform, and balanced airflow to optimise its cooling effect. 


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