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Now that you’re fully adulting, it can be easy to forget the power of the slumber party. More than a sleepover with friends, it was a magical youthful adventure—an exciting, cozy rite of passage. It was also so much fun. The beauty of the slumber party is that it’s one glorious childhood tradition that can and should be enjoyed as an adult. So stock up on the snacks, find the most adorable matching family pajamas sets, and create the most amazing summer girls’ night grownup slumber party.

Have a Theme, Have Activities, Be Flexible

Every fabulous grownup slumber party needs a theme or at least enough activities available to keep everyone occupied. However, the key is to provide the activities and the opportunity to make the most of them while remaining flexible. Every slumber party should be given enough room to find its own vibe. If the karaoke machine remains unused because everyone is having so much fun talking, that’s a win. Consider a few of the following options for themes and activities:

Themed Movie Night – Watch romcoms, horror or fantasy movies, or binge an excellent limited series.

Game Night – Play board games, do trivia, have a video game tournament, or flex your imagination muscles with role-playing games.

Karaoke Night – this one sings for itself.

Classic Slumber Party Night – Get into some Truth or Dare, Never Have I Ever, 20 Questions, Mad Libs, and other sleepover classics.

Spa Night – Channel your inner stylist with mani-pedis, fingernail and toenail painting, experimenting with some bold new hairstyles, or a buffet of rejuvenating face masks.

Yoga or Meditation Night – Embrace peace and balance for a Zen evening.

DIY Craft Night – Could be pottery, clay sculpting, building birdhouses, painting, or whatever other projects get that creative energy flowing.

Slumber Glamping – Close out your night with a sleepover on the trampoline or otherwise under the stars.

Lean Into Fun Unity with Luxurious Matching PJs

It goes without saying that everyone at your slumber party should be rocking matching pajamas. For a truly epic, unforgettable slumber event, invest in matching swanky monogram pajamas for everyone in the squad. They’ll be a reminder of the slumber stories you told and created that night.

Make Sure Drinks are Ready to Go

Not only can grown up slumber parties recreate the magic of their youthful predecessors, but they can actually surpass them. That’s because, unlike your childhood sleepovers, hopefully, you and your besties can have a tipple. One helpful tip—if you set up a selection of wines or a big batch of a tasty cocktails ready to be sampled, your guests will be able to spend more time bonding and less time mixing drinks. On the other hand, giving your friends access to a well-stocked bar complete with a rainbow of fun mixers to create their own cocktails will probably not draw any complaints.

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