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Baduk is a game which was present in Korea by the 5th century. It originated in China, but the West is more familiar with the Japanese name Go. This is because the Japanese were the first to introduce it to the West. Japan was introduced to the game in the 7th century AD.

Baduk is a board game commonly played in Asia, particularly the Koreans and the Chinese. The normal size of a Baduk board is 19 x 19 tiles but beginners are advised to use and learn the basics of the game using a 9 x 9 board.

How to Play Baduk
The game of Baduk begins with an empty board. Each player starts with an infinite number of stones, one has the white stones and the other the black stones, just like in playing chess. The game’s basic objective is to have the player use its own stones to build territories surrounding vacant areas of the board. They can also do this by capturing the opponent’s stones by surrounding it. 스포츠중계

Players will take turns in placing their stones onto an empty slot in the board with the player with the black stones going first. Do note, unlike in chess, the players must place the stones on the intersecting lines rather than inside the squares. Once the players make a particular move, they can no longer adjust or move it. The exception is when the stones are captured by the opponent. The stones must be removed from the board and kept by the capturing player as prisoners.

The game ends when the players can no longer put stones in the board. At the end of Baduk, players will count their points with one point for each vacant point inside their territory and one point for every prisoner they have. The player with the most number of territory and prisoner wins the game.



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