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As we all know the only solution to get mental peace in daily routine life is practicing meditation daily. The psychologist gold coast suggests that 10 minutes of daily meditation can recharge your mind to work at its fullest for the whole day.

Hence, it is crucial for every human being to practice meditation regularly. Many people cannot practice meditation due to their unhealthy lifestyle and lethargic attitude. Thus, such people lack in working in a mental energetic state for a whole day. Therefore, let’s try to understand how to bring a habit in ourselves of practicing meditation daily.

Choose a slot of time

Commit yourself to the time usually in the morning when you are free to routinely practice meditation. Do not make excuses for not practicing meditation. Whatever the condition may be, always try to practice meditation in the slot of time when you are free in the morning or evening. Never force yourself to sit for meditation more than you can. If you can meditate for 10 minutes daily, then always practice 10 minutes daily and never extend more time than it. But whatever may be your limit practice regularly, never miss that.

Do it anywhere

The psychologist gold coast stated that meditation is the process that you can process anywhere and everywhere. Only the thing is that you should know the correct way to meditate. If you know the right way to perform meditation then you can practice it anywhere irrespective of your location and condition. For example, you can meditate even when you are traveling by bus or train.

Maintain the streak

If you are not able to regularly practice meditation due to normal reasons, you need to commit yourself and first maintain the streak for 3 days then extend it to 6 then even extend furthermore. This is how you can maintain the streak of practicing meditation daily. The only thing is you need to punish yourself for breaking the streak of meditation. The punishment can include not doing the thing that you usually do frequently and enjoy doing it, skipping your favorite food for the day you broke the streak.

Remember the benefits of meditation

The psychologist gold coast suggested that if you are not able to continue the meditation regularly and then just make a chart stating all the benefits of meditation that motivated you to practice it on the first day. Thus, whenever you feel to give up on meditation then just go through the chart and just try to motivate yourself like you were motivated practicing on the first day of your meditation.

Do not give up if you don’t find the results

Imagine a situation when you are practicing meditation daily but are not able to find mental peace, i.e. you are still getting negative feelings like anxiety, depression, sadness. In such a situation never give up on meditation. Always remember that practice makes a man perfect. Thus always believe that sooner or later you will get the results.

Group meditation

If you feel bored staying alone for even a couple of minutes, then you should convince your friends to practice the meditation with you and you should collectively perform the meditation together. By doing so, you will increase your interest in performing the meditation as you are doing it with your friends. The psychologist gold coast says that this is the best technique to bring meditation into a daily habit.

Be comfortable 

Always remember that meditation is the practice that you should perform comfortably, not forcing yourself to enjoy its benefits. Hence, always remember that you should select such a place and such a time for meditation in which you are comfortable and no unwanted thoughts strike into your brain. Never force yourself to be in a particular position while meditation. Always be in the position in which you are comfortable while meditation. This is the most important factor of practicing meditation daily.


By following the above steps you would be able to make the habit of meditation in your life.


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