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As much as you’d like to be on the golf course 24/7, it’s just not possible. But, even when the nearest driving range is miles away, there are still ways you can practice your golf skills while daydreaming of hitting the links for a full 18. Whether it’s pulling out your putter in the hallway or scheduling an expert golf club fitting, here are a few ways to level up your game off the course.

Putt Whenever and Wherever

The hallway. Your backyard. At the office. In the garage.

These are the great hidden greens of your life. Even if you’re far from the course, you can pull out your putter, a couple of balls, and a makeshift target for your personal practice hole.

If you’re putting on material similar to the green—like a short carpet or your freshly mowed backyard—you can practice practically every aspect of your short game. On different floors—like hardwood, cement, or longer grass—focus more on your pace and ball contact because the ball will react differently than it will the next time you’re on the green.

Just don’t tell your boss how great of a putting green the office makes.

Workout with Golfing in Mind

Like any other sport, working out is a great way to improve your golf skills. Certain lifts and stretches can take your game to the next level.

Stretches are extra helpful because you can do them practically anywhere, whether it’s at home in your sweats or before a hole in your golf apparel.

A twist stretch, where you stand wide and go from touching your opposite toe to reaching to the sky, really loosens up your hamstrings and lower back. A simple hip press stretches out your lower half. Scarecrow twists with a club across your shoulders help prep your upper body for your swing.

Any kind of lifting or strength-training exercises can help with golf, but there are a few that target the right areas. Lateral jumps help build lower body strength. Dumbbell sword draws help with shoulder mobility. Then, bodyweight squats and pushups are versatile and improve your overall strength for better distance and control on your swing. Plus, you can do them anywhere.

Practice Your Swing on Camera

It can be hard to pinpoint errors in your swing without an outside perspective. Thankfully, you can get that, even on your own.

Set up your smartphone so you can record your swing in your yard. Then, run through a few full-speed swings without a ball (or with a plastic training ball). After a few swings, review the recording and see if you notice any areas for improvement in your mechanics. Then, you can focus on ironing them out with your phone’s camera to help record your progress.

Visit a Fitting Expert and Test Your Swing

If you want to practice your swing and get fitted for custom clubs at the same time, set up an appointment with a fitting expert. You’ll get access to a state-of-the-art golf simulator. The fitter can walk you through the details of your swing and how new clubs can help you make progress. Sometimes, the best way to improve your game off the course isn’t just practice but getting new clubs that help improve your game. Plus, a few hours of swinging clubs in a fitting bay never hurt.

Next time you hit the course, see if you notice the difference some of these at-home practice strategies have made in your golfing abilities.

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