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A massage is the perfect sensual encounter between two people. One person gives while the other receives in total harmony and in total peace with one another. This is how a massage should be and if all the preparation is done correctly, this is probably the result.

However, not all massages are like this. Most of the time people don't prepare for massage and therefore the message they get is not up to the level of the right message or worse, a horrible message.

It could be too much or too little pressure, cold hands, or just a cold disposition of the massager or receiver. Fortunately, you can protect yourself from something like this by simply preparing for the massage itself. Massage in Al Karama

One of the first things to do is set the mood. Before the therapist and the person receiving the massage can give their full attention, they need to get themselves in the right frame of mind. You can start by dimming the lights so that both of you can focus on touching and not be distracted by your sense of sight.

Music can also help relax the therapist and the subject because it calms them down. A little classical music is a good way to relax. Soft, romantic music is also a good option if you are giving a sensual massage. Rock music is probably a genre of music that you should avoid.

Massage can be a grueling experience for the therapist and if you are not fully prepared physically you will not be able to give the best massage possible. If you are the therapist, you need to make sure that you are strong and agile enough to provide adequate pressure and move those muscles properly. If you are not feeling well or feeling a little sick, it would be better to postpone the massage or have someone else do it.

At the same time, before accepting a massage, make sure you feel good. Getting a massage while your sick can be excruciating due to the slightly more sensitive skin. Having the flu, for example, can make it look like a simple massage feels like someone is running a sheet of sandpaper over your skin. Body Massage in Al Karama

Preparation is not always physical in nature; mental preparation is also vital for a successful massage. The massage is supposed to calm a person and relax them. With a stressed mind, you will certainly be distracted from what should have been a pleasurable experience.

One way to relax and be more open to the massage experience is to breathe deeply before entering the massage area. Once you are in the massage area, close your eyes and focus on the music, making sure you breathe evenly. As the masseur begins the session, feel each stroke as their hands move around your body.

The massage should also be prepared mentally because a massage can sometimes be delicate. As a therapist, you must be open to the needs of your subject. You need to be open to criticism and ready to listen to the person receiving the massage to know when they are putting too much or not enough pressure on the massage.


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