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How to prepare for CLAT Examination without coaching


From the clat previous year’s result, we can come to know that the weightage of self-study is quite high in the preparation of CLAT and in the candidate success rate. Many candidates prepare for CLAT through coaching. only a few candidates prepare by themselves and also got the best ranks. Here, you must be thinking that what would be their preparation methodology? So, the answer to this question is through proper optimization and utilization of time in the most effective manner. Then complete the whole CLAT syllabus in a fixed time interval. However, it looks quite simple while discussing the preparation strategy but it takes a lot of effort and hard work with some detailed elaboration. Therefore, this article deals with how to prepare for the CLAT examination without coaching and ace the CLAT exam.  


CLAT 2022 preparation without coaching: Busting the misconceptions

Before we dive into the preparation methodology. it is quite important to clear the misconceptions regarding the CLAT preparation that is becoming popular among the CLAT law aspirants. First and the foremost question i.e. is it really all the students who crack the CLAT exam come from coaching backgrounds? A beginner candidate must ask this question to themselves. Another question is does the coaching institute guarantee your selection? The answers to both of the questions are No. So, what can be the reason for the failure of candidates in the CLAT exam? The reason or belief among the candidates is that they blame themselves for not starting early in the race or rather for not being serious about CLAT preparation and not having the right preparation strategy. Contrarily, the candidate who wants to get success in their CLAT exam can follow the things mentioned below: –

  1. Candidates should start their CLAT preparation early
  2. Candidates must follow a regular timetable and should schedule their study for around 5-6 hours per day 
  3. Candidates must follow a proper method and stepwise topic completion methodology
  4. Candidates must practice a regular mock test and sample papers.


Another concerning thing is that we can observe that during CLAT results, the coaching institutes promote themselves as fake hoardings, and in doing so, they start claiming for the toppers. In many cases, you should have observed that a topper of one institute is claimed by several institutes. This is a well-planned marketing business to lure the candidates into this business trap? In fact, in most cases, the students are diligent and have a well-structured academic career. The coaching institutes just pay attention to those candidates by selectively focusing on them to aspire their preparation. They provide all the necessary study resources to such candidates to add to their preparation. 


And if you are really serious about joining the coaching institutes, then you must see how the last student in that coaching institute is doing or he is being neglected.

Now, you are aware of the misconceptions and myths of the coaching center which is used as a trap to lure the students into this business trap. So, now let’s shift your discussion to the main topic i.e ‘how to prepare for CLAT 2022 without coaching’.

How to prepare for CLAT 2022 Examination without Coaching – Preparation Tips and Tricks

  1. Start your CLAT Preparation Early

One of the common and natural strategies shared by the toppers is to start your preparation early which is a head start for the candidates. The benefit of starting the preparations early is that 1st you can complete your basics and then move on to more complex questions, including the practice questions and sample papers, you can also add mock tests to the plan. This early strategy of preparation will also help you to cover most of the topics and get in-depth analysis or knowledge of the respective subjects. 

  1. Make a study plan and follow it strictly

CLAT preparation strategy needs to be planned properly, considering to topics you should start with, time taken by the individual sections, what kind of books and study materials you should consider and many things. A good preparation strategy for CLAT will help you to deal with the difficult and complicated topics and concepts effortlessly. For example, some of the concepts and topics may be very difficult and may be a bouncer to you. However, if you put focus properly and start with the basics of the topics, then slowly and eventually you will be able to clear most of the difficult topics also. But it can vary from person to person as everyone has a different ready habits, retaining capacity, practice hour and endurance limits. For Example, some of the candidates like to study in the night time as night owls, but others study for day and evening time.

And once you have decided a progressive and flexible plan but don’t keep it tweaking on every few days then it might could affect your preparation.


Check out the Exam Pattern and Syllabus

You have to be aware yourself about the current CLAT syllabus and what the exam pattern will be. Check if there is negative marking, and check the questions asked are subjective or objective? As per the recent changes made in the CLAT exam pattern, question will be framed as comprehension-based type. That’s why we recommend you to go through the exam pattern and syllabus thoroughly to pay additional attention to the topics that carry more weightage.


Clear your every Doubts

While preparing for the CLAT exam, many doubts will be popping up. Some of the questions may be transitory, but the rest may stick around your mind creating more confusion and doubts leads to frustration. We recommend you to keep cool at that confusion surgency and reach out to the inner or the basis of the doubt. If possible go back to the basics, redo or read the topics once again. Also, be gratefully to yourself that you find the doubts earlier. Just think what would have happened if you get stuck in the exam for these doubts. So, take assistance from your teacher and friends to work on your doubts.


Regular Revision

Regular or timely revision plays a very important role to retain what you have read. This increases your ability to retain your thoughts. As when you revise you retain the topics by brushing on the already known facts, which directly helps you to sharpen your memory. With the practice of revising daily, you can feed things to your subconscious mind. As the human brain has a very unique property to keep revising the topics regularly then the things will be intact for a long period of time.


Self-Evaluate the Previous year’s question paper

You must attempt the previous year’s questions and analyze them to understand the types of questions asked, the weightage each topic carry and catch hold of the latest trends of the exam. Remember that with the flow of time some topics lose their shine while other topics are starting to give more attention. If you are aware and able to grasp such trends, you have to give more attention to such topics. 


Attempt CLAT mock tests 

If you are appearing in the CLAT mock tests, then it will help you to understand the exam pattern effectively and improve your exam skills. And once you have identified your weak points then you just need to work on them to improve your rest. Mock tests are usually the best to attempt when you are closer to the exam, a month or so before the exam. 

Join Coaching Instiutes

there isnt bad thing if you join clat coaching institute. yes it can be 100 percent possible that you can crack the exam without coaching but, coaching can help you in making your preparation strong. coaching institute not only teach you but also provides you best guidance for you preparation. duraing the praration you attempts many mock test and test series provides by coaching institutest that ensure which area you should work.


Time Management

It is observed that many times students know the answer to the question, but they have to leave the questions because they have run out of time. If you don’t want that the same thing happens to you, then you have to brush up your skills in managing your time. For Example, CLAT UG has 150 questions which are to be answered in 120 minutes, on the other side CLAT PG has 120 questions and 120 minutes. Now if you are not fast enough to solve the questions in time, then problem-solving skills of your will be pointless. So try to improve your time management skills with speed and accuracy. The only way to improve time management is by solving the CLAT previous years papers or sample papers with a timer intact.


Know about your Strong and weak areas

You know if you are capable enough, then you can find the loophole in the preparations or the areas where you need to work on rather than living in denial. Being a CLAT aspirant you must be knowing the place where you lie, you must be aware of the subjects over which you have good command, and also the subjects where you need to work on. 

Keep your strength steady and work on your weak areas. For example, if you are weak in mathematics, then give more attention to it. There are many good books available in the markets that you can use to overcome your weak areas of yours.


Stay focused and positive

Staying focused is a major role in preparing for the exam and how you perform in the exam. If you stay updated, positive, and focused then surely you will be able to do and achieve more, than when you are melancholic. So, whatever is the situation be positive and tackle it with a positive mindset. 



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