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 Questions about synonyms and antonyms are significant in the English section of competitive exams. In bank exams, you can anticipate to be asked questions like what is the synonym for this term and what is the antonym for this word. The good news is that you can learn all of the important synonyms and antonyms and still get full points in this section.

Synonym & Antonym for upcoming bank exams 2022

What is the definition of a synonym?

Words that have the same or almost the same meaning as another term are called synonyms. For example, the word gigantic is a synonym for huge.

What is an antonym, exactly?

Antonyms are words that have the same meaning as another word but have the opposite connotation. The antonym of admire, for example, is detest.

Important Synonyms and Antonyms for Competitive Exams
To help you get the most out of the English section of bank and other government exams, here is a list of 100 significant synonym and antonym words:

Words Synonyms Antonyms
Fragile weak, infirm Enduring, Tough
Barbarous Frustrate, perplex Civilized
Adhere Comply, observe Condemn, disjoin
Gloom obscurity, darkness Delight, mirth
Gorgeous magnificent, dazzling Dull, unpretentious
Rapidity Quickness, Velocity Inertia, lanquidity
Gather Converge, huddle Disperse, Dissemble
Abash Disconcert, rattle Uphold, Discompose
Savage Wild, untamed Polished, Civilized
Sacred Cherish, Divine Ungodly, Profane
Raid Incursion, Foray Retreat, release
Frantic violent, agitated Subdued, gentle
Abolish Abrogate, annul Setup, establish
Steep Course, lofty Flat, gradual
Succinct Concise, Terse Lengthy, polite
Frugality economy, providence Lavishness, extravagance
Grudge hatred, aversion Benevolence, Affection
Taboo Prohibit, ban Permit, consent
Glut stuff, satiate Starve, abstain


Abound Flourish, proliferate Deficient, Destitute
Authentic Accurate, credible Fictitious, unreal
Rectify Amend, Remedy Falsify, Worsen
Ratify consent, approve Deny, dissent
Sublime Magnificent, eminent Ridiculous
Reluctant Cautious, Averse anxious, Eager
Startled Frightened, Shocked Waveringly
Uncouth Awkward, ungraceful Elegant, Compensate
Reason Acumen, Bounds Folly, Speculation
Abortive Vain, unproductive Productive
Amplify Augment, deepen Lessen, Contract
Taciturn Reserved, silent Talkative, extrovert
Reverence Respect, esteem Disrespect, affront
Uncouth Boorish, Clownish Elegant, Compensate
Awkward Rude, blundering Adroit, clever
Tedious Wearisome. Irksome Exhilarating, lively
Vanity Conceit, pretension Modesty, Humility
Redeem Recover, liberate Conserve, lose
Bewitching Alluring, charming Repulsive, Repugnant
Accord Agreement, harmony Discord


Rustic Rural, uncivilized Cultured, Refined
Slander defame, malign Applaud, approve
Vagrant Wander, roaming Steady, settled
Paramount foremost, eminent Trivial, inferior
Wan Pale, faded Bright, healthy
Tenement Apartment, Digs Breakeven, dislodge
Zig -zag oblique, wayward Straight, unbent
Peerless matchless, unrivalled Mediocre, commonplace
Urge Incite, Implore Abhorrence, Abomination
Throng Assembly, crowd Dispersion, sparsity
Venom Poison, malevolence Antidote, Benevolent
Stranger Immigrant, guest Acquaintance, national
Sympathy Tenderness, harmony Antipathy, Discord
Yearn languish, crave Content, satisfy
Peevish perverse, sullen Suave, amiable
Zenith summit, apex Nadir, base
Sarcastic Ironical, derisive Courteous, gracious
Ruthless Remorseless, inhumane Compassionate, lenient
Rout Vanquish, overthrow Succumb, withdraw
Urchin Foundling, Orphan Creep, Knave


Scanty scarce, insufficient Lavish, multitude
Veteran Ingenious, experienced Novice, tyro
Quack Impostor, deceiver Upright, unfeigned
Outbreak eruption, insurrection Compliance, subjection
Shrewd Cunning, craftly Simple, imbecile
Utterly Completely, entirely Deficiently, incomplete
Numerous profuse, various Scarce, deficient
Mutual joint, identical Separate, distinct
Tranquil Peaceful, composed Violent, furious
Notion Conceit, Apprehension Reality, Concrete
Saucy Impudent, insolent Modest, humble
Vouch Confirm, consent Repudiate, prohibit
Offensive Abhorrent, obnoxious Engaging, fascinating
Thick Chunky, massive Thin, attenuated
Outrage offence, maltreatment Praise, favour
Servile Slavish, Docile Aggressive, Dominant
Quarantine seclude, screen Befriend, socialize
Waive Relinquish, remove Impose, Clamp
Vivid Eloquent, lucid Dull, Dim
System Scheme, Entity Chaos, Disorder


Spry Nimble, Brisk Lethargic, Sluggish
Yoke connect, harness Liberate, Release
Tame Compliant, Subdued Wild, untamed
Stain blemish, tarnish Honor, purify
Knotty complicated difficult Simple, manageable
Wicked vicious, immoral Virtuous, Noble
Molest harass, tease Console, soothe
Mitigate alleviate, relieve Augment enhance
Successful Propitious, Felicitous Destitute, Untoward
Masculine Gallant, strapping Feminine, meek
Lavish abundant, excessive Scarce, deficient
Subsequent consequent, following Preceding, previous
Nimble prompt, brisk Sluggish, languid
Invincible unconquerable, impregnable Effeminate, languid
Shabby miserable, impoverished Prosperous, thriving
Judicious thoughtful, prudent Irrational, foolish
Monotonous irksome, tedious Varied, pleasant
Yell shout, shriek Whisper muted
Yield surrender abdicate Resist, protest
Solicit entreat, implore Protest oppose

Above list source – Synonyms & Antonyms for Bank Exams 2022


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