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Muscle injuries cause damage that requires just as much  Ultra Soothe Review care as broken bones. In the past you would see quite a few people wearing those neck/cervical collars. Now, not that often because they have learned restricting motion caused problems. Scar tissue forms and if not treated correctly, pain, weakness, poor circulation, altered sensation and decreased motion result and will haunt you the rest of your life. Your injured muscles need to be stretched & exercised in a pain free manner to regain their strength, function and elasticity.

Proper treatment and rehabilitation of soft tissues in your neck is required. This can be accomplished with computer operated continuous-passive-motion rehab tables for neck and lower back. Fast and effective pain relief is now available through the use of the Q1000 Low-Level-Laser system, which promotes tissue healing with no side effects.

When used together with natural chiropractic and the CPM rehab tables your neck can be restored to its normal function and position. Seek a doctor of chiropractic with the required advanced training and the necessary equipment for a fast and effective return to a healthy and pain free neck. Do not become a statistic.

What is total shoulder replacement surgery. When a patient suffers from severe arthritis i.e. the cartilage lining has completely worn away excruciatingly painful bone-on-bone arthritis occurs. Motion is restricted and the pain can be tolerated with some medication such as cortisone and non-steroidal anti-inflammatory medicines which is administered via localized injections.



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