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How To Prolong Tape-In Extensions 

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Black ponytail extension or tape in hair extension provides length and volume to hair. You're not alone in wanting longer-lasting tape-in extensions. Many ladies spend a lot of money on replacement hair because their seamless wefts don't last long. Most people don't have much time to spend on hair care. Tape-in extensions are easy to apply and last weeks. There are ways to make extensions last longer. 

Here are some methods for lasting tape-in extensions longer, starting on day one. 

Installing tape-in extensions 

Women use hair extensions to add length and volume. Tape-in extensions are straightforward to install and last up to 6 weeks. Tape-in extensions must be properly fitted to avoid damaging natural hair. How to put tape-in hair extensions: 

  • Choose appropriate tools. You'll need pliers, scissors, and different-colored and-length hair extensions. 
  • Consult a hairstylist for extension placement advice. 
  • Attach extensions to small portions of natural hair using pliers. Overtightening might cause damage. 
  • Cut superfluous extension material using scissors. 
  • Tape-in hair extensions might help you attain your desired style without hurting your natural hair. 

Hair extensions shampoo 

Tape-in extensions require a different shampoo than drugstore brands. No, you can't only use shower caddy items. They contain sulphates and strong chemicals that destroy extension bonds. Invest in a soft, sulfate-free shampoo that won't strip your hair's natural oils. Since extensions aren't attached to your scalp, strong washes can damage them. 

Shampooing tape-ins 

Are you willing to shampoo your hair upside down with tape-in extensions? Because only that will clean them. Half-joking. Shampoo tape-in extensions carefully to avoid destroying the bonds and wasting your money 

Wet hair and apply shampoo on scalp. Rinse thoroughly after massaging shampoo into scalp. Don't “ball and lather” or scrub while shampooing. 

Next, shampoo your hair downward from roots to tips. After shampooing, carefully squeeze out excess water and condition from mid-lengths to ends. 

Rinse conditioner with cool water, then towel-dry hair. 

You can use dry shampoo with tape-ins in the summer to give your hair a break. 

Brushing tape-in hair extensions 

Tape-ins are low-maintenance, but they still need care to be healthy and looking good. Brushing your tape-ins using a loop brush is vital. This brilliant tool strokes hair without snagging or pulling and connects extensions smoothly. Why? Super-soft synthetic bristles won't damage sensitive hair. 

Brush BEFORE you shower since wet hair is weaker. Detangle knots and tangles from the bottom up. 

At the top, don't tug too hard on the bonds or the extensions may come away. 

Morning and night, wash your teeth. Pressing the tape sandwich over your head ensures a tight bond for months. 

Can tape-in extensions be styled? 

The answer is yes, but with some rules. 

  • Alcohol-based styling solutions can degrade adhesive bonds. 
  • Scalp oils might loosen the tape bond if used too regularly. 
  • Leave-in conditioners prevent tangling and frizzing. 
  • Always apply heat protectant spray when curling or flattening hair. 

Can I sleep with tape-ins? 

Yes! Tape-ins last 5 to 8 weeks, so don't pick, poke, or prod them. Rest normally. If you want to avoid tangled or frizzy hair, try a hat or silk pillowcase. 

Can I swim with tape-in extensions? 

Can? Tape-in extensions won't be damaged by sweat, running, jogging, or riding. Swimming with hair extensions requires some precautions. 

Tape-in extensions can be worn while swimming, unlike clip-in extensions. Afterward, blow-dry your hair gently. Leave-in conditioner can also protect hair from chlorine or salts. Finally, tie back any stray hair so it doesn't become tangled. These precautions can keep your hair extensions in good condition after a swim. 

Tape-in extensions last how long? 

If cared for properly, tape-in hair extensions last 5 to 8 weeks (2 months) before they must be removed, re-taped, and reapplied. Your hairdresser may need replacement tape for your tape-in extension. 




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