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How to Protect Yourself in a Commercial Vehicle Accident?

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Did you know only in New York City, there are approximately 624 and 625 accidents that happen every day? But there are certain ways that can help you to save yourself from commercial vehicle accidents. Here are they:

Be Aware of your Surroundings: Commercial vehicles are larger and heavier than passenger vehicles, so they take longer to stop and turn. Be aware of the size and location of commercial vehicles on the road, and give them plenty of space.

Drive Defensively: This means being prepared for the unexpected and driving in a way that minimizes your risk of being involved in an accident. For example, leave plenty of space between you and the car in front of you, and be aware of potential hazards, such as roadwork or construction zones.

Avoid Driving in Dangerous Conditions: If the weather is bad, or if you are tired, it is best to avoid driving altogether. If you must drive, slow down and be extra cautious.

Be Prepared for a Collision: If you see a commercial vehicle that is about to hit you, try to take evasive action. This could include braking, swerving, or honking your horn.

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