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Pregnancy is frequently associated with excitement, but regardless of how enthusiastically a child's birth is awaited, stress and other forms of emotional anguish are still likely to occur during the difficult phase of pregnancy. Pregnancy difficulties can be moderate or severe, but they can have an impact on the mother's or child's health, disrupt a love relationship, and result in both expected and unforeseen changes to one's life.

When pregnancy or post-birth worries create distress or otherwise affect one's mental health, the assistance of a therapist or other mental health expert may be beneficial.

Many mothers endure anxiety or depression during pregnancy, and some may require treatment. However, a mental health issue does not have to be a problem for you or your child. Get the assistance you require to feel well, and you will do your best for both of you.

What should be the aims of free counselling for pregnant mothers ?

  • To assist women in making thoroughly informed decisions about their pregnancies.
  • To help any woman who is worried about her pregnancy and those who care for her cope better with the pregnancy and the birth of her child.
  • To give recovery counseling to women and men who are distressed following an abortion.


Even when everything goes off without a significant hitch, pregnancy, childbirth, and parenting may all be challenging. Even when a mother has a close relationship and the help of others, she may still suffer unforeseen health or financial difficulties, among other things, which can seriously strain her. Many people believe that one important factor in the well-being of new parents, especially new mothers, is the support of family and friends. 


Are you looking for a free pregnancy helpline in Victoria, BC? At Birthright Victoria, Pregnant women, postpartum women, and these women's partners can all benefit from our counselling to address the various problems that pregnancy and childbirth are likely to bring up. The support of a therapist or counsellor throughout their pregnancy may help them feel more at peace. Women who had mental health issues before becoming pregnant may worry that the added difficulty of parenthood may worsen their conditions or lead to new concerns. Psychological counselling may help women who experience depression or anxiety when paired with medication when necessary.

The type of treatment performed will typically change depending on the issues a woman faces. Some women struggle to cope with the strain of motherhood and their new responsibilities; they may find it helpful to share their worries with others going through a similar experience in a support group. People who are anxious or depressed may go to individual counselling. When a couple discovers that having a new baby has brought difficulties and tensions to their relationship, couples counseling can be helpful. Couples can express their worries or points of contention in therapy and work through any problems.

Parents or single mothers who need assistance and support may also be able to find resources and assistance in therapy to help them build a support system. In any case, a Birthright Victoria therapist can offer resources and help for those experiencing difficulty. 

Visit our website at https://birthrightvictoria.org/ to learn more about your options for pregnancy or our counselling and adoption services, or send an anonymous inquiry at any time. We will get in touch with you and offer free, no-obligation advice to get you going.


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