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I read a book by a Dr. Erasmus Udo titled ‘Fats that heal and fats that kill' This ShapeshifterYoga Review  was to change my view of food forever. When you think about it nearly all foods contain fats in some form or other, all your seeds, nuts and grains are rich in such fats. Fatty fish such as sardines, wild salmon and mackerel are rich in omega 3 fats. Plants such as flax and seaweed contain fats and though rare, some fruits do contain fats also, such as the Avocado Pear, Goji Berries and the Acai fruit. Except for coconut oil. ghee and extra virgin olive oil, frying converts fats into carcinogenic and dangerous substances.

Even barbecuing meat can be dangerous since the charred pieces are carcinogenic and for the same reason smoked foods need to be kept to a minimum. Putting it all together what is the obvious conclusion? It appears that cooking can be dangerous and very fattening Let me please explain. Heat destroys nutrients and enzymes which the body requires to break down our food. Heat turns oils and fats into dangerous chemicals which the body cannot handle. The end result is bad health and a putting on of weight because the body cannot break down the altered fats, hence it stores them. Just about all processed foods contain such altered fats. Now here is the kicker, in order to lose weight: You do not have to cook an Avocado.

You do not have to cook seeds, nuts and most greens like spinach. you do not have to cook berries. I am not saying do not eat any cooked food, other wise how would you be able to eat fatty fish and mineral rich sea foods? Just keep it to a minimum, do it lightly and do not fry. And avoid all processed foods and baked goods at all cost. They contain bad fats which can kill and you will put on weight! For example this is my typical weight loss breakfast which keep me going for 6 hours without a need to binge – I have plenty of energy and feel completely satisfied for those 6 hours – are you ready to listen and wise up.



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