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Snapchat has a very big impact on people who send regular streaks to their friends and family. It's not easy to keep it up. Sometimes you can forget about it and then you will lose all your streaks and the fire symbol. It’s neither important to keep it in your life nor it gives you any benefit. It’s just a way you can be involved in your Friend's Life who live miles away from you. Sending snaps to few people and keeping it last is better but sometimes in certain situation that one cannot avoid you lost all your Snapchat streak and then there is a not a simple way to recover those streaks back on Snapchat.

You need to send and receive snap from a particular person for at least three days after that you will see a symbol of fire right next to the person’s name that shows number of days that streak has been going on .

After certain level Snapchat provide the user with special emoticons. There are few things that one should keep in mind for Snapchat streaks before knows how to recover streak 

  • Reply each other within 24 hours 
  • Snap means picture and video 
  • Don’t count chats and sticker in Snapchat streak 
  • Camera roll picture doesn’t come in Snapchat streaks 
  • Snap to group also doesn’t get counted in it 

If you’re lagging behind you will see an hourglass emoji next to the person name which implies that streak with this person will expire.

To restore and get back Snapchat streak, Snapchat always remind you about the streak expiry. Sometimes you don’t get enough time for it and if it breaks then you have to start all over again.

When a user loses a long-lasting streak they always want to know about how can I recover my Snapchat Streak back. This action can affect you and you want all your snaps back. You can ask for it back via recovery process but it’s not easy to get back Snapchat streaks:-

  • Visit the Snapchat support page 
  • Tap on contact us 
  • Under the section ”How can we help?” 
  • Choose my snap streaks have disappeared 
  • Answer all the questions 
  • Click send button 

While answering the question you have to be accurate about it. Tell your right username, be precise about your snap streaks or write the approximate number. Don't go overboard with it. Fill in all the details correctly. 

Don’t do this again and again or otherwise, Snapchat will turn down your request and you will permanently lose all your streaks.

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