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How to Remove Canon Printer Error Code 6A80 With Effective Methods?

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If you are struggling with the error code 6A80, this is the right place to get your answer. Canon printers often display some of the common errors from time to time. This implies that there is basic information, which should be memorized by you. These common errors mainly occur due to the internal issue emerging in the printer, which involves paper jams, empty ink tanks, or something else. And this is pretty normal for machines after being used for a while. 

However, no matter how harsh a situation seems, you can easily remove the error code all by yourself. But, of course, it will be possible with a little assistance. Here, in this blog, you will find a range of effective methods, and most importantly, you can easily understand them. But before we look into the solutions, we should find out why exactly this error code interrupts your printing jobs. 

Causes of the error code 6A80 occurrence in your Canon Printer:

Error code 6A80 is one of the common errors that often show up in your Canon printer. And Canon users have also reported the error code problem more than usual, and due to reasonable cause. While working professionally or personally, if you are commanding your printer with heavy hours printing jobs, your printer will display the error code. However, when an error code occurs, there are several causes behind it. And here, we will discuss other possibilities of the error code 6A80 in your Canon printer.

Other possibilities of the error code 6A80 occurrence:

Usually, this error code occurs after being used for more than usual hours or after being used for some time. But it includes other factors that can be related to the software or hardware problems. Let’s see what they are:

  • Malfunction in the print head.
  • Clogged situation of the cartridge nozzles.
  • Improper printer settings.
  • Paper jam.

Now, you will need to find out what exactly is causing the problem in your printer and if it matches with any of the above reasons. When you have spotted the reason in your printer, then you can apply the solution according to the suggested solution. Do not move further ahead on your own without properly investigating the causes of the error code. Now that we have discussed the causes, let’s see what the solutions are.

Error Code 6A80: How can you resolve the emerging issues in your printer?

You will find multiple solutions, and not just one, which gives you the liberty to try each method. In case one does not work on your printer, then try the other one. Apply one of these solutions, and get rid of the problem by yourself without needing the help of an expert. Ignorance towards the error code can be proved as a disaster for your printer and can damage the printer from the inside. Follow the given methods according to the suggested steps. 

Method 1: Moving the Print Head

In this method, you need to access the printer manually. You will need to open the printer and locate the cartridge carriage. Once you have found the carriage, you will need to move the cartridge carriage from the left to the right side, and then vice versa. Do this about three times, and make sure that they are moving freely. When you move them, the cartridge will disperse the movement, and it will get smooth. This will immediately resolve the error code with this effective method. 

Method 2: Clean the Cartridge Nozzles

Sometimes, the cartridge nozzles create a problem and get blocked due to excessive use. This issue especially causes problems in the printing jobs and leads to error codes. But you can resolve it manually. In this method, you will need to move the brush, which will clean the cartridge nozzles given on the right side of the printer. This is the exact place where the ink cartridges are placed. However, you have to attempt the step gently and not damage any part of it.

Method 3: Removing Paper Jam

For your printer, it is possible to collect the remaining pieces of paper, which leads to the paper jam. To resolve the paper jam issue, you will need to clean the paper tray. Also, you will need to look inside the printer, if there is any stuck and causing the blockage. You will need to remove dust particles and papers while wearing gloves.

Method 4: Reset Your Printer

When everything fails, you can easily adapt this method, as it works all the time. Sometimes your printer needs to cool down and a newer process to work again. And resetting your printer is the best way to do that. In this method, you will need to switch off your printer and press the ‘black photocopy + stop/reset + on & off button at the same time. Then release the on and off button, and while your printer starts, you should release all the buttons. Once you have done this, start the printer from the beginning, and check if the error code still exists. 

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