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 How to Repair a Dead Outlet and What Causes One 

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Consider plugging in your phone and experiencing no results. You try a variety of different methods to diagnose the issue before realizing that the electrical wall outlet itself is the source of the issue rather than your phone, your charging cord, or the adapter. 

There are a few potential causes if an outlet in your home suddenly stops functioning. Learn more about how to fix a dead outlet by reading about a few of these causes below suggested by electrician northern beaches. 


Circuit Breaker trip 

You probably tripped your circuit breaker if an outlet in your house isn't working, which is a regular scenario. A circuit breaker will stop electricity from flowing to the outlets on its circuit if it becomes overloaded, which happens when excessive electricity is being used. This is a safety measure doing its job to stop the system from being dangerously overloaded. 


Inspect your circuit breakers to see if any have tripped. You probably have this issue if there are any. Flipping the breakers in the other direction will bring electricity back to a dead outlet, but don't stop there. Switch off or unplug any appliances or devices connected to that circuit, and refrain from using too many of them simultaneously to prevent a future issue. 


Burst Fuse 

Another potential issue with your circuit breaker is a blown fuse, but it can be a little trickier to repair on your own. If you are unsure of how a blown fuse should seem, search for a component with cracked glass or frayed wires; it should be the fuse, and a broken one at that. 

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You can usually repair a blown fuse yourself if you're confident in your ability to find a suitable replacement with the same amperage. Nonetheless, hiring an electrician's assistance is usually the best course of action if you have any worries about your capacity to complete this task on your own. 


GFCI Outlet Failure 

These outlets are Ground Fault Circuit Interrupter (GFCI) outlets if they have “Test” or “Retest” buttons on them. When there is an electrical current leak, these outlets are made to automatically shut off. 


If you push the “Test” button on a GFCI outlet and the “Retest” button doesn't emerge, there may be a problem. To make repairs in this situation, contact an electrician. 


Poor wiring 

Occasionally, especially if you live in an older home or one that hasn't been upgraded in a while, your home's wiring is to blame. A loss of electrical power to an outlet can occur as a result of wiring that has become loose or split over time. 

If you believe your home has poor wiring, get in touch with a licensed electrician northern beaches right away to schedule rewiring services. The main cause of house fires is old or deteriorated wiring, which can heat up and start an electrical fire. 


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